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I remember when my husband and I got married (we were very young) we said if we could just get to making $25,000 a year we would be good. We make a little over double that now and struggle at times. In our area that is a decent amount and some people wish they made that much. Now we say if we could only make $65,000 we would be good. I guess it depends on the area you are in, your career, and your lifestyle.
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I think alot depends on where you live, but in all sence it really doesn't matter how much you make ... it's what you do with it.
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It really depends on how you have taught yourself to live.
When my husband and I were first married, he made 20,000 a year. Now (three years later) he makes 30,000 a year and rising. We were able to (barely) make it on 20k, so now having 30k I feel so rich. Although we did just buy a house so our cost of living is higher now too. We are able to afford a few extras here and there but nothing extravagant. We drive a 92 blazer, so we have no car payment.(our cc debt was accumulated from moving across country to start a business and medical bills, it's not accumulating any longer)
On the other hand, my sister just got married and they make 35,000 a year and are really struggling. They have a car loan, computer loan, loans on BOTH sets of wedding ring sets(over $10,000), furniture loans, and loans on each others Christmas gifts last year(coach purse and gold watch).
Looking at their situation, I think that they are really in trouble compared to us. We were very careful with our money to begin with and willingly lived in poverty until dh made enough money to get ourselves out. My sister and brother in law would rather have it now and pay for it later. Sis and I were 19 and 20 when we married, so these were our first experiences handling our own finances. I think that really sets the tone for what our future is going to be like. So sis is always going to be going into debt to have more whereas we will do without to have money in the bank.
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Depends on where you live. Here in So. Cal? $150k, maybe even more. And $150k isn't actually enough to buy a house, really. Maybe a 2BR, 1 BA fixer (hmmm...that's what we have.)
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Totally depends on cost of living in your area. Cost of living here is quite high due to the proximity to Boston. However, we are far enough way from the city that the salaries no where match what there are in/directly around Boston, so a higher income is necessary but fairly difficult to get. 2 income families (and part time jobs added to that) most definitely make up the vast majority of families in our area. My family included, I have a professional career, my husband works blue collar, and we each pick up part time work. And we live stretched tight with very little debt other than our bottom of the barrel handyman special home mortgage
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"my mom makes about 104k per year, and i sometimes have to stock her house with groceries, and i am now unemployed!"

How do you make 104k and not have groceries?
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We live outside the Washington DC area. I would say a comfortable salary would be $150,000.
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I would say about 25% more then the average wage for the area.
In Tacoma thats about 40K so 50K would be good especially if you had a 2nd income on top of that. So I think we would be very comfortable when DH's salary finally gets around 70 or 80
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The average for our neighborhood (I have no idea why they publish this) is 79,000. We make about half that and live very simply / frugally.
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Well, after looking at the salaries were we live and the profession my hubby is in, we are right on target. We live very comfortably. We could have a bigger house and newer cars, but it is nice to have something managable, plus we live in a nice neighborhood and have a nice house, so what is not to like. It seems everytime we turn around though, our extra cash is going to a Dr bill or something else that comes up, but at least we have it.
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