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freezing tomato sauce foods

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What do you freeze these type of meals/foods in? Can I use an aluminum pan or a pan lined with foil? Or is there something bad about the foil & acidity of the tomatoes that happens?

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I am not sure.

I do mine in a casserole dish or in individual plastic containers with lids.
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hmmmm, ya know I never thought about that. I know when I put it in the refridgerator, if I don't put plastic wrap first the tomatoe sauce eats away at the foil.

I'm interested in this answer too.
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I think you are not supposed to use foil with tomatoes. I'm not sure where I heard that, though.
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Don't use aluminum to store tomato sauce or tomato sauce recipes, the acidity in the tomatoes can cause the sauce to eat thru the pan or foil and also make the sauce taste funny.

I have never frozen an entire 'pasta meal' like lasagna but if I were to, I'd just freeze it in the dish. When I freeze chili or tomato based pasta sauces, I just use plastic containers with lids. They're easy to label and store, clean etc
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the reason i'm asking is because i'd like to do some pre-assembled meals and throw them in the freezer for a later date. i thought about picking up some throw-away foil pans at the $1 store and putting them in there. but if the tomato sauce acidity would react funny to the foil pans, then i'll have to find another way of doing it. I'd like something that I can just take out of the freezer and stick into the oven, so i figured the throw away foil pans would work well. but i wasn't sure about the acidity thing, as i too read that youar en't supposed to store acid-type foods in aluminum. so i'm kinda stumped! i guess i could freeze the meal without the tomato sauce in it, then add it right before i stick it in the oven, no?
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what if you lined the throw away pans with plastic wrap first. That way the tomato based product is not touching the aluminum????
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