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How do you get rid of pushy salespeople?

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Today 2 guys in a truck tried to sell me meat. I politely said "no, thank you". They continued on and on "You eat chicken don't you". I would say "Yes, but no thank you". I think I said No Thank you at least 4 times, before I said "Goodbye, I'm not interested".
Then they trapped dh out in the driveway, and talked to him. He kept trying to step away to bring groceries into the house. Finally I had had it. I opened the door and said "I'm fairly certain we just had a conversation where I said no thank you. The same goes for my husband. Goodbye. Have a nice day".

I'm all for people making a living, but why can't people just say no and that's it. Why do some salespeople just continue on and on? Are you nice to these people, or do you just get rude with them.
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ugh, we have the meat guys in our neighborhood too, it's always the same story that someone cancelled and they have extra and will give me a deal. I pride myself on being cordial, but I usually end up being rude with them and closing the door in their face. In fact, I try to just not open the door, sometimes they take me by surprise or catch me outside in the yard or at the car. It annoys me, when I say "No Thank You" that should be enough, I feel so bad when I have to be rude and tell them to leave. It's very rude of them!
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Meat from a truck? I think that would be frightening to me. I'm usually a "No, thank you" and leave it at that. I did have a military recruiter that kept calling me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was in my 30's by then. I finally just told him, "I'm six months pregnant." Never heard from him again.
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I'm nice about it, but I totally cut them off at the pass...LOL. I just say "No Thanks! We're not interested!".
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I think those same meat men were just here the other day! Typically, I catch them before they get too far walking in the yard. Our big dog alerts me when someone is here. I stop them there and tell them "I just told the last guy, we are not interested in what you're selling. See the NO TRESPASSING signs." And I turn and walk away.

I've had a few follow me. By the time I reach my porch, my dog has bailed up on the end of the porch. The guys just keep coming and I just keep walking. I tell them no again and typically they're dumb enough to ask how far can my dog go. I usually tell them let's find out. Oh she won't bite they say. I tell them again let's find out. Trust me, they turn and run to their vehicle. And my dog just sits on the porch.

She's very sweet and loving--but once mom raises her voice and Winni knows I've getting mad, she shows her protective side.
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The two men selling meat came to my house too. Luckily my dh was home. I am way to nice, I feel bad even when I get that not safe feeling. As with these two men. I was driving home and saw them a street away. I came home and told my husband there were two seedy looking guys selling something from a beat up truck. Sure enough 10 minutes later, ding dong. My dh went out at first the 1 guy was so pushy and just kept talking not taking NO for an answer. Then guy number 2 got out of the truck, saw my dh(6'2" and about 300lbs) and got back in the truck and left. I asked my dh and he told me the 2 guy knew my dh. My dh is a correctional officer at the county jail. Yeah he knew him and knew my dh is not someone to cross. Uhhoh!

At Christmas time my dh was hanging the lights and the mormons came by to talk to us. So my dh told them if they wanted to talk to him they had to help hang the lights. They did! I wish they would come back by(the lights are still up)
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This same thing was discussed on the avon forums today. One lady said she was going to put a sign in her yard that said things like, I'll buy yours if you buy my avon, or beware of the pushy avon lady, or other things like that. My old pastor was very funny about this kind of thing. When a sales person called his home he would always say well I am busy, but I will put you on the phone with a woman who will be happy to help you. Then he put his two year old on the phone to chat!

I am "too nice" for my own good. At least that is what my mom and husband say. I listen to them go through their pitch then tell them no. If I am in a bad mood or really busy I will say I am in the middle of changing a poopy diaper right now. I wish I had the nerve to say, hey if you come over here and change this poopy diaper for me, I will buy.
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I must be the rude one. I say no thanks and slam the door shut. If they had the nerve to knock again I would simply ask if they wanted a harassment charge.
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I generally tell them no thanks or that we don't have the money.
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I can honestly say that that's one thing that brings the furiousity out in me. I don't appreciate people selling things (much less meat) to my door, if I wanted something THAT bad, I would've found a way to get it. Im done with them and I am sooooo rude. I hate being this way, but if they ask me once and I say no - but they have the audacity to ask me again if im sure....aghhh I seriously shut the door in their face and just say thank you. The same goes to salespeople over the phone. I say thanks and hang up. Suuucccks.
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