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Favorite Meal $5 or less

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What is your favorite (yum-yum-yum) family meal, that serves at least 4, that is $5 or less (includes everything)? My cousin had a "cookbook" of sorts that she made of these and I would love to start one too.






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Goulash : ground beef, elbow macaroni, spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, and pinch of sugar

Maid Rites : brown 1 lb ground beef with a can of chicken broth. Drain well and serve on buns with your favorite condiments

Spaghetti and meatballs

Grilled Cheese and tomato soup

Chicken breasts cooked in skillet with cream of mushroom soup

Sloppy joes: I just brown 1 lb ground beef with chopped up onion. Drain. Add squirt of mustard and enough ketcup to make the right consistency. I also add a pinch of sugar. Serve on buns

Cheeseburgers and french fries

Grill chicken or steak marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce
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Well Deemom had some really good ones, it seems to get harder to make meals for $5 or less these days! Here are some I thought of:
chicken tenders- I dip them in milk, then in some flour seasoned with salt,pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Pan fry them.

Breakfast for dinner: whatever I have on hand, pancakes with eggs & bacon, french toast, sausage gravy & biscuits, etc...

Chicken Alfredo pasta: sometimes I buy the Chicken Fettucini helper when it's bogo, then it's only about $1 a box

Salmon patties
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I forgot to add this one
BBQ CHicken Sandwiches: I put a couple of chicken breasts in crock-pot with a jar of bbq sauce, cook for 6-8 hrs on low, shred, and serve on texas toast or hamburger buns
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Hot Dogs and Mac and cheese ($2.50)
Chef Salad (Head of iceberg for $1, 1/2 block of cheese $1, cut-up lunch meat, $1, carrots $1, cucumber 50 cents)
Veggie Stir fry over rice (2 bags of Birdseye steamfresh Frozen asian veggies bought for $1 each after coupon, teriyaki and soy sauce (less than $1.00 each, red pepper flakes, steamed rice-50 cents)
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10 count package of El Monteray Burritoes ($2.50 on sale)
1 can enchillada sauce ($1.00)
1/2 block cheddar shredded ($1.00)
Bake in covered 9x13 pan for time directed on burrito package.
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Bean/Tofu spread: Puree one can of black beans (drained) and about 3 T tofu with some cumin, salt, and lemon/lime juice. Put on some slices of homemade bread or rolls.

Homemade corn waffles

Hamburger/Lentil stew

Baked potato soup
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we do burgers(1lb for 1.99 on sale) with a box of rice a roni(.88 on sale)

we also do alot of the above..

french bread pizza-1/2 can sauce(.49) i bag pizza cheese(1.98) leftovers from fidge so we use up veggies and meats that are left over so two long french bread pizza's(i slice to make two) cost well under $5 bucks.
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spaghetti with butter (or margarine) and parmesan cheese!!
it's soo good, my son loves it.
*this is the typical argentinian "frugal dish"
but its one of my favorites, regardless of how much it is.
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I forgot about porks and beans mixed with cut up hot dogs and heated through.
There are lots of frugal things you can do with mac and cheese. You can add a can of cream of mushroom soup, tuna, and peas. You can add a can of creamed corn and heat through. You can add some pizza sauce and cut up pepperoni.
Pizzas made on English Muffins.
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