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Originally Posted by Noahsmommy View Post

What was in the ziploc ones? Please share the info!

I have never seen on the site where they tell you what is in the kit before you get it. The campaign just started and I don't think anyone has gotten it yet. You just have to be patient, young lady! lol
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Sorry if it was confusing!, I just signed up for the ziploc, I love using them at home though, so I can't wait to see what is in the package!
The Oust camapaign was really good, they sent 2 full bottles of the spray and 6 coupons for free bottles.
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What do I have to do once I recieve the kit?
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What is a Bizz Campaign ? how i can form part of one? thannks!
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wow...i'm hoping that i get picked for the ziploc one... we use a lot of ziplocs around here!!
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I got in also. This is my first one that didn't just involve a website, so I am so excited! I can't wait til it comes. I have been reading about some the great stuff that other people have gotten over the past few months. So I am ready to try some of it out myself.
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I also got my first bzz campaign. Mine is for Canadian Club whiskey! Not sure how to get the rebate for it though.
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Sometimes if you click on the link that says "read bzz guide" they will have a list of what comes in the kit. However, I checked and it doesn't say anywhere. My guess is it will be a full size pack of the Ziplock containers and coupons to hand out to friends.

After you get the kit you use the product and then start telling people about them. Your mother in law, mom, sister, cashier at the store, mailman, neighbor, anyone you think will like the product. Then you get back on Bzz agent and file a report about what you said and what the other person said. They read it and give you points...then you can trade in the points for STUFF! I got a hand blender, bowls scraper, toys for my kids, all kinds of stuff! They're getting ready to start something a little new with points. You can trade in some for coupons for free products at the store. It sounds pretty cool!

BTW, you should file a report EVERYTIME you tell someone about the item you're bzzing. Even talking on here with someone counts as bzz. Just copy and paste! If you send an email telling a friend, "hey, I got in a neat campaign on Bzz Agent..." Copy and paste that into a report also. Anytime you talk about the product they want to know it.

I hope it comes soon!
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I didn't get this one
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A whiskey campaign!!!!
I hope I get that one!
They skipped me on the ziplock. I am in 5 now. Are there limits to how many you can do at once. I recently took the alcohol survey so I hope they send me the invite.
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