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Tips to slim down a c-section stomach

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I am losing weight little by little but would really like to melt my belly away. I have had 2 c-sections and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to lose belly bulge? The rest of me is slimming down nicely. My stomach is slimming down little by little but I was wonder is anyone had tips on how to lose it faster and tone up? Thanks for any information.
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First and foremost I will say that I'm not sure if there's a different way to do this for a c-section (though I've had one too).

But, the best way to trim down a belly is to burn fat.

And the best way to reduce your body fat is with cardio, strength training and a healthy, low-calorie diet.

That may not help much, but at this point, that's all I can really tell you. (also make sure your c-section is healed, of course lol. Not sure when you had your last child, sorry!)

Also, I'd say depending on your fitness level at the moment, if it's all fairly new and you haven't been exercising regularly, start out slowly. Walks, instead of running, start with a lower weight, etc.
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Thanks for this post. I had a c-section too. I hate the way my tummy looks cause it looks like an extremely fat persons shape with the weird divot or whatever. I just looked at my scar and its almost barely noticible
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I agree with Balboa...great tips!

Boy do I hate my pooch I had two c-sections. Mine has slowly been getting smaller and smaller. The best results I've had so far were after starting my running program. I lost 1" off my tummy area in 1 month. I've been burning a lot of calories.
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I wish I had some suggestions but I have had 3 c-sections and my stomach is not going anywhere! That is the one spot left for me to lose weight from. It has shrunk a bit over the course of my weight loss journey but there is so much excess skin I look like I have a 'pear' on my stomach!
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After having 2 csections i got my tummy flat by wearing a girdle for the first two months after each one. Then i went on the ww plan and lost my weight. Now, after having a third csection, i'm on the same plan. I still have 18 pounds to lose, but I do it very slowly. The weight came on in 9 months so I give myself a year to lose it. I'm still not back into my clothes and dd is 6 months old. It's frustrating but I think you have to give your body time to adjust to the physical as well as hormonal changes. Slow and steady and you should see results. GOOD LUCK
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I am back into my clothes before I got pregnant with DS #2 but I would like to be closer to the size I was before DD and after DS #1.
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