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Why are you a SAHM to kids in school?

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This is for all the moms that stay home while their kids are in school all day.

Why are you a SAHM?

I absolutely LOVE being a SAHM to my middle schoolers. I can get so much done during the week around the house and for myself, and I'm available to my family at a moment's notice (and boy do they rely on that). This has been such a win-win situation for us for the past 4 years, I don't want it to end EVER! I know when our kids are nearing high school graduation, dh is gonna start hinting that it is time for me to work full time again and that's fine. I've been keeping my nursing skills up by working 2 nights a week, so it won't come as a major shock to me.

My kids have a very challenging curriculum at their middle school. They are definitely college bound, so I don't see the curriculum getting less rigorous during high school. They have alot of homework and projects that they need help with. Dh works very hard to support our family, so he can't always be there for the kids in that aspect.

Sometimes I get snotty comments about being a SAHM with older kids, but I pretty much blow them off. I was just wondering how my fellow mommysavers felt about it.
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I feel that is absolutely necessary for me to be available to my children while they are in school. I still have 3 years until my youngest starts kindergarten. I do not plan to work outside the home until after high school.

Fortunately for me, my husband understands and appreciates everything I do at home. He comes home to a clean house, supper is prepared and he doesn't have to worry about the care of our children (what are they doing in daycare, etc).

We have the freedom to do things as a family on the weekend because I get housework done during the week.
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I always say do what makes you happy. I love staying at home and no one can change my mind about it unless we were going through hardtimes and I had to work.
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I remained a SAHM mom because those hours right after school are when my kids need me the most! I have to admit that I do work part time, but that is only because my job allows me the same days off as my kids and summers off, and they are very understanding when my kids are sick. Since I am in their school cafeteria, I am right there if one of them gets sick and needs to come home.

My mom went back to work when I hit middle school (because of necessity and I don't fault her for it at all) and I look back and realize how much I wish she hadn't had to go back to work.
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I've remained a SAHM, even now when my five kids are 5th-12th graders, because I really like it and because they need me so often. They get sick or need something...I'm available. (I have at times worked a few hours to get out of the house while they're in school) Also, my kids have to stay after school for activities quite often, so I'm the taxi to mine + whoever else needs a ride. I don't know how I would do it if I worked outside the home during these hours. I have also felt that it is very important for me to be home when my teens get home after school. We talk and their friends come over to hang out. Staying home has been a very positive experience over all and I plan to stay home for another 7 years...when my twins graduate high school.

My Dh's job requires him to be available 24/7, so although he's usually able to be here for the kids, I can't count on it and have always needed to be available myself. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to stay home all these years, since it was what I wanted to do.
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I LOVE being a SAHM, I have been one for the past 16 yrs. we have 2 kids ages 16 and 9 that are in school.
My DH fully supports me on this and if I want to get a job when all the kids are through school that is my decision and he supports that as well. If it ever came to where we fell on hard times and the kids were still in school I would get a job then.
In fact, yes I have been at home that number of yrs. but for 12 of them I worked as an Independant Contractor out of my home as a Project Director for a publishing company and LOVED it, but of course as everything changes so did that and all them type of positions were eliminated, progress I guess!
I haven't found anything that works with our hectic, crazy schedule!
We have been fortunate enough that we haven't received too many remarks, but when we did my DH usually put them in their place, so it doesn't happen anymore. We have very supportive friends and family about me being at home.
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I am a SAHM to a second grader. I like being able to get her to and from school, being home with her on days of. To compensate for income, I run a small daycare in my home.
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Well, fortunately, I don't need to work for financial reasons...

I love being home with my kids. Volunteering in their schools and our community. Knowing their friends, teachers etc I don't have any plans to ever go back to work.
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Originally Posted by trackmom View Post

I can get so much done during the week around the house and for myself, and I'm available to my family at a moment's notice (and boy do they rely on that).

Basically, nothing is going to get done around my house unless I do it. My dh works and is a part-time college student, so his time is very limited. My dd has a lot of projects and classwork that she needs my help on after school and I don't want her being up at 9:00 at night working on this stuff (I know she'd put off her homework if I wasn't looking over her shoulder ) Plus, with the outrageous amount holidays kids get and the surprise sicknesses/bad weather days, someone needs to be available at a moment's notice to take care of her. Back in my working days it didn't seem like employers were very forgiving towards mothers that had to take a lot of time off for their kids. In fact, I've seen many moms fired for excessive absences. Perhaps things have changed now, but this has been forever etched in my mind.

I'm not saying I'll never work, but right now it's just a lot easier on my family if I stay at home.
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I tell new parents all the time, "IF you're going to work, do it when you're kids are young because then you at least have daycare available. The time when the kids need you the most is from middle school thru high school graduation."

I will NEVER again leave a 12-yr old home alone. It is even worse when they are 14 or 15 years old. When they are driving, they still need you. Even when I worked fulltime, I aranged my schedule so I could work from home in the afternoons when my first-round kids got into their teenaged years. Why? Because they don't tend to talk a lot so I HAD to be available on the off chance the mood struck.
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