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Oh man Lisa,why didn't you come to us before? we are always here for you no matter how long you have been gone.. we will always be here to offer you courage, and encouragement, and a lending shoulder for you to cry on... and its a good thing I don't know where you are, cause Im close enough to track down your D*** head of a hubby and beat the crap outta him....

I know you took your vows to heart and not only did you make a commitment to yourself your hubby but also to the Lord... but the Lord did not intend for you to stay with a man who treats you so badly time and time again....

I will pray that the lord will lead you down your path that you are supposed to go... and Im beging to think its not with your hubby..

please know that I and the rest of us are all here for you and will support you in any desicion you make....

please keep us posted and know you can call me anytime

God bless you Lisa
your in my prayers...

and I don't care how drunk he says he was, you still would know if you did or did not cheat... why would he even put himself in that postion knowing he was there to make a better life for his wife and children...
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Lisa, You will most definitely be in my prayers. Hang in there - get the facts. I wish I had better advice, but I don't. We're here for ya - anytime.

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Oh, Lisa, please know that every lady on this board is behind you and you can come here to vent anytime. You have major descisions to make and your children to think about and it won't be easy, but you need to do what's right for you and your kids. You have been in my thoughts and will continue to be. Please take care.
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You are in my prayers!!!! And YES you deserve to be here! Just because you have not been able to get on here does not mean that we do not love you! We are here for you so come here anytime you can!
Love ya girl!!!!
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Aliadam's response sums up everything you have been through. NO more excuses girl. NO MORE. If one of us came on here and told you word for word what you have told us, what advice would you give?

I think you know what you need to do. No one can tell you to do it and no one can make you do it. It's gotta be something you have within yourself. I pray you find the strength and courage to face what lies ahead. Please come to us and let us know how things are going
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Oh, I just hate this for you. We have all missed you so much - not a week goes by that someone doesn't start a post asking about you. We care about you and have been worried. Listen to aliadam and Christy. Good advice there. I will pray for you and your children and I hope you have the guts to do what you need to do. Thank God for your father. At least you are already there so you have somewhere to go. And at least your hubby will have a job so you can get some child support!!! Have you discussed any of this with your dad? It might help....

We love you.
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Lisa!!! I'm so glad you're back and for an update...just so we do know that you're "ok". I HATE the sad/bad news, though, and my heart is breaking for you. I'm with aliadam...I'm all for encouraging a marriage to stay together because people do seem to divorce fore selfish, ridiculous reasons sometimes these days. But the things that you have been through with him are definitely reasons...unfortunately...NOT to stay. I know it's so hard...I'm praying for you. May God give you strength and wisdom during these dreary hours of your life. Love you!!
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Originally Posted by [b View Post

Quote[/b] (aliadam @ July 15 2006,15:30)]Lisa, I'm glad to see you back but sad to hear your news. Â*I believe if he thinks "something MAY have happened" then it did. Â*If he really, really believed it didn't he wouldn't have said anything. So I'm guessing he woke up in bed with a woman or something?? Â*Or what else can that mean?? Â*

I'm one to always tell people to do everything to try to salvage their marriages, especially if there are children. Â*I see lots of people get divorced for what I think are all the wrong or selfish reasons. Â*But this I think is not like that. Â*

This is a guy who has physically abused you, who has verbally & emotionally abused you, who has "probably" cheated on you, who you have hinted also verbally and/or physically abused your children, who has isolated you from others, etc. Â*I'm just not sure he's worthy of your love and continued dedication. Â*No one can tell you what to do, but I really, really think you may need to look at other options.

Is he making plans to move you to where he is?? Â*If not, why not?? Â*Perhaps he's not really wanting you guys down there where he is now. Â*Of course at this point I can't recommend you moving down there alone with him anyway. Â*But I'm just curious how anxious he is for you to go?? Â*That might be a hint to his thinking.

I'm sorry you're still having to deal with his cr*p. Â*I know you've said in the past that you've had esteem problems. Â*Don't let that keep you from pulling yourself up tall and trying to do what's best for you & your kids. Â*The first step is deciding you deserve better. Â*Good luck!!

I couldn't have said it any better than alidam did. Most importantly, you have done NOTHING wrong! You are a strong, beautiful woman and a wonderful wife (much more than your DH -- NOT "Dear" -- deserves) and mother. Try to stay strong, and know that we're all here for you. I will keep you in my prayers.
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I will pray for you and hope that your marriage will pull through. Sounds like he's guilty though. I am thinking of you. Carly
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i am so sorry you are going through this. i am sending you lots of hugs and such for you and the kids.
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