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HELP I have gnats in my kitchen, in the refrigerator, and in the litter boxes! I have fly paper up everywhere (they are like a cemetary) but don't know how to get rid of them. They are producing like rabbits and I am finding them dead in my fridge which is so gross. Any suggestions?
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Try leaving out dishes/bowls of apple cider vinegar, covered with plastic wrap, with tiny holes punched in it!! The gnats are attracted to what they think is rotting fruit. They get in...and can't get back out. OR they drown in the vinegar. I've done this, and it really does work!!

Good luck!!
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Make sure there is no food out like fruit in bowls. Even if you don't wash dishes right away, rinse them off. Put a little bleach down drains. Use higher cost litter for the cat for a while and scoop it as often as possible. I've had that problem before and it soooo hard to get rid of! If you get really desperate, you can use a fogger! Never had much luck with the fleas but it works great on gnats.

Good luck!!! Let us know what works!
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Thanks for the tips. I won't be using the vinegar just yet, I am on a spending freeze! and don't have any.
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Bless you fellow "beach dweller". It is certainly one of the downsides to our climate. They are really bad here but haven't gotten into my home. We have those "no-see-ums". They are aweful!
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