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10 things to do with Ribbon

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I saw Sara's post about eyelets and I remembered I had this:

10 Things to do with Ribbon in Scrapbooking | Scrapbooking Gems

10 Things to do with Ribbon in Scrapbooking

We've a list of 10 things you can do with ribbon to enhance your scrapbooking layouts.
Ribbons add color, texture and added dimension to your layouts. And it is very quick to get the effect.
There's a huge variety of colors, textures and patterns available, some coordinating with other scrapbooking product ranges. You can also buy by the yard, meter or spool at your local fabric store.
Experiment and have fun with what you can find. Read on for the tips.

1. Add a bow
An elaborate bow or a 'cheat' bow like this one - a knot in a piece of ribbon which is then stuck on with a glue dot. Trim the edges for a bit of elegance.

2. Anchor a journaling block
The ribbon can go underneath the journaling block or stop at the sides like this one making it look as though the ribbon is holding it in place. Add a couple of brads to finish it.

3. Attach to a ribbon slide
Hold a ribbon slide in place in a similar way to the journaling block above.

4. Add a border for a page
- horizontally, vertically or both.

5. Make stems for flowers
This sweet layout from HOTP uses ribbon for the stems of the paper flowers which are then tied with another ribbon.

6. Make a tab holder
Accent a photo with an oddment of ribbon and a brad. Not all ribbon is used by the yard or that should read the 'foot' as on a 12 x 12 layout!

'Hold' a journaling block in place with a tab, again made from an oddment of ribbon.

Or make a handle to pull out a hidden journaling tag.

7. Add 'leaves' to a flower
- or a tail to an accent like this Brad Buddy

8. Decorate a photo mat
This photo has been placed on a large mount and the extra space is wrapped with ribbon to which star brads have been added.

9. Give your photograph a ribbon treatment
Note the pretty lace 'hanging' at the right of the photo hiding/disguising the empty space and at the same time framing the photograph. A little sheer ribbon is tied to the third leg of the 'w'.

10. Add a 'word' ribbon
- even on a male layout! There are many examples available in various scrapbooking ranges, or you can stamp your own.

None of these 10 things to do with ribbon in scrapbooking layouts is really new; often it's just a new twist on an old idea. I just hope to remind you of them and to inspire you to do something different if you haven't done one before, or to try something again - maybe something you haven't done in a while. Have fun, and let us see what you do with ribbon in your scrapbook layouts. All layouts submitted will be entered into a monthly prize draw.
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I have done a few of them on the list lol
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Oh thank you Alicia.
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I wish I could see some of the pics that show examples.. some I 'get', but some I 'need' to see,, anyone have some of their work they can post that are examples of those things?
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Click on the link. It has the examples but the forum would only let me post 4 at a time...
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Here's more I found elsewhere:

Tie onto a tag, photo mat, border, or photo as an accent.

Use with a hole punch to make a booklet.

Tie onto clips attached to paper.

Use to secure a fold open photo frame.

Staple along the edge of a photo for a border.

Place behind a photo to use as a mat.

Tie in a knot and adhere with a glue dot.

Attach a ribbon charm and use as a long border.

Thread through eyelets and tie as an accent.

Tie onto a slide holder for a small picture frame.

Tie onto each end of a metal label holder.
Tie small bits of ribbon onto a larger piece of ribbon for a unique border.

Attach diagonally along the corner(s) of a photo.

Stamp words and sayings onto ribbons for titles.

Tie numerous ribbons around the lid of a gift box.

Tie small bits of ribbon along the handle of a gift bag.

Tie small bits of ribbon on each piece of a spiral notebook.

Fold and staple along the top of a gift bag.

Tie around a sketchbook, journal or diary.

Tie ribbons through buttonholes and attach with glue dots.

Weave ribbons to use as placements, wallhangings, etc.

Use fabric stiffener to make ribbon bookmarks.

Make a french ribbon board to hold notes and photos.

Tie around the handle of a mug and fill with candy for a gift.

Use a hoop and long ribbons to make a mobile for breezy summer days.
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That is the words in ribbon

The ribbon border
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This is a little combo of each....

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great tips!!! thanks
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Originally Posted by scruggle View Post

Here's more I found elsewhere:


Tie small bits of ribbon on each piece of a spiral notebook.


I actually saw the spiral bound journals in our store with the ribbons like that,, *simple drugstore, not craftstore*
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