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Crockpot - Cheaper on monthly bills!

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Ok, my entire life I have been a crockpot cooker, there is just something soo satisfying about it. But, now that gas prices are soaring (any gas) it is a great way to cook. We have propane here, when we moved in it was the least expensive way to heat a home, now electric is, who knew that would ever happen! Well, my propane consumption is much lower when i cook nightly with the crockpot, and it doesn't really effect our electric bill. I just wanted to share that with you. Anyone else notice this?
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I didn't notice it but I'm sure it is cheaper than the oven. I usually fade away from the crockpot in the summer. We don't have central air and it is too hot to eat a heavy meal.
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My dh and I were just talking about this. Our gas bill went down $20 this month! Some of it is due to the fact that we have turned down our water heater some because it's warmer out so the pipes stay warmer and I haven't been using the stove as much(using crockpot). I plan on using my crockpot more in the summer to keep from heating the house up. At this rate I might need a new one in a year or so.
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Our gas and electric bill, as well as our grocery bill, have been steadily declining in the past few months. I'm more "aware" now, I think I've been buying foods and things in bulk, and stockpiling non-perishables. I've been using my crockpot a lot more - especially on days when the kids have sports/activities in the afternoons. I don't know if this saves us money on the electric bill, but it does prevent us from going out to eat.
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I use my crock pot year round. I do not know what or if it helps with the electric bill. But it does help because I dont have to run the a/c full blast in the summer to keep the house cool. Now I do like in the winter to use the oven a little more, but that is only because it helps heat up the house a little more. And I agree with SCMomOfTwo, the crock pot does help me to still be able to make a good meal when we have busy nights.
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I have pork chops in the crock pot right now! I use mine year round too. Good to know it's cheaper... see I knew there was a reason I love my crock pot.
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I just put a pork roast in mine a few minutes ago . . . whew! I can already smell the garlic!
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I use my crock pot year around also, it's just easier than watching something on the stove or oven, plus it doesn't heat the house as much in the summer and helps on the bills!
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I use mine more in the summer. I hate to use my oven in the summer and with the crock pot I can be outside watching the kids in the pool while dinner is being made.
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I love my turkey roaster too, but for the reason of making the house too hot in the summer I put it on the deck to cook a ham or a turkey. I am sure you could put the crockpot on the porch or deck in the summer.
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