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Freebies from Walmart

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Hi everyone, a new member here! Here is a hint that some know about and some don't. If you go to and type in samples, you can get different samples of products you use everyday. I haven't bought toothpaste or personal products for sometime now! And if you go to and register you can recieve free sample products from them too! Just thought I would share this with everyone!!
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Thanks for the tip Andrea!
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Thank you! I'm off to check it out!
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Yeah that's where I get a lot of my samples.
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Yup! And the Walmart samples ALWAYS comes!!! Welcome to the board and thanks for the tip!
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I must be doing something wrong. When i typed in samples, it gave me merchandise that cost money (e.g. Junior samples from hee haw video) What am i doing wrong
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try typing in "free samples"
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Try this:
- Go to
- Select the "In Stores Now" tab (all the way to the right) on the
Walmart menu bar.
- Select "Free Samples" (4th option in list)

That will take you right to them.

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