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Have any of you ever looked at the 60% solution? Here's a couple of links if you are curious:
A short calculator & explanation:
The 60% solution - MSN Money

The longer original article that started it:
A simpler way to save: the 60% solution - MSN Money

I am curious what people on here think. I'm still trying to find a good personal guideline for how much we should save and at what point we can say: hey, a high enough percentage is going into savings. Lighten up and enjoy the present with the rest!

But for this one, a couple of things surprise me. Primarily, 10% of one's monthly gross as just "fun money" seems ENORMOUS to me. Am I too tightfisted? Even 5% seems enormous. ESPECIALLY with vacations being under a separate 10%, which seems risky to me (putting vacations in the same pot as necessities). (And gifts; I put gifts under our "fun" money in our budgeting. It's fun to give gifts! )

Anyway, I was just curious what people on here thought.