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Minnesota Zoo discounts

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We live in North Iowa and the closest zoo to us is in the southern part of the state. It's not very big and took us maybe 45 min. to walk through last year. I want to do something w/ the kids again this summer since dh and I are going to Sturgis in August. I looked up coupons for admission for the Minnesota zoo but they expired in April. Anyone know where I can get coupons for this summer? TIA Also, anyone ever been here? Did you think it was worth the $. Its a little more spendy than the zoo in IA but it looks much bigger from the map on the website.
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I love the MN zoo!! it is a lot of fun!!
we used to have a membership! so we woudl go often!!
I would pack a picnic and we would eat by one of the little parks there and have a break!! There is a new bear exhibit thisyear ! tho the dolphin show is not going for a while!!
anyhow Go to! There is a tonof good info on it!!
and I will keepmy eye open for some discounts! I dont know any right now !!!
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Here's a contest from a local TV station. I have no idea when the contest ends. I don't see a expiration date. I did just "enter" again. I think you have to create an account.

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I think the zoo is pretty fun. According to the website the dolphin training is up so you might wanna check it out. I'm not aware of many coupons but I have one in my happenings book if you'd like it. A friend of mine always gets me in for free so I won't use it. It's a buy 1 adult admission get 1 child's admission free. PM me if you think you'd use it.
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I don't know of any discounts right off hand, but I would check their website.
We liked it as a family, just count on spending the day as there is a lot to see, wear comfy shoes.
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I was also looking for some MN zoo discounts and came across this thread. I did find one at:
Bloomington Visitor Discounts – Shopping, Dining, Hotels & More
There's a link that says "Click here to download now!". It's a pdf of various coupons. One is for $2 off adult admissions or $1 of child & senior admission for the whole family.
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We have been to both zoos in MN and enjoyed them. And the Como Zoo is FREE!!!!
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Found this printable coupon...

Minnesota Zoo
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I'm new. I was looking for tickets to the zoo, myself, when I ran into your question. Hope this helps. On this web site they have several discounts, including one for the MN Zoo. the expiration date on that coupon is Dec 08.

Minneapolis Deals : Special Offers, Deals & Coupons in Minneapolis : Search for Deals : Deals & Coupons Search Result Details

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Wow! Haven't checked this thread in a while. Thanks for the info.! So far I have one free child adm. w/ purchase of adult and plan to print out discount admission coupon. We're going after our vacation in August so we got school shopping soon so this helps. Thanks again.
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