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dh's is job is very secure he works for a company that manufactures hoses and fitting for all kinds of stuff from the local gas pump to nasa to the military so he is good... though he is applying to get into a company that builds wind turbines they are in demand with the cost of energy rising its our future for electricity.
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Secure, we does CAD work for Waste water Treatment Upgrades and We are alway going to produce human waste and need up grades to plants. Also they are sending him accross the country for training in Estimating. You don't train a guy you are planing to get rid of
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I know of quite a few people who have lost jobs soon after receiving valuable training. Doesn't make sense, but it happens pretty often. Training decisions are often made at lower levels than cut back or closure decisions.

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Funny how I opened this thread today. Dh and I were talking about how blessed we feel at having the life we do. The huge houses surrounding us (The Joneses) unfortunately had to turn in their houses back to the banks and are now moving out.

It makes us feel bad for these people and we can only hope and pray that they get back on their feet asap. We are blessed and oh-so lucky, that we're constantly reminding each other of it so we wont take things for granted.
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Originally Posted by cathleeninnh View Post

I have lived long enough to know that it is unwise to think any job is totally secure. Everyone should strive to remain marketable and flexible in case of need. Of course, the need isn't always what you think it would be. Divorce, disability, and death are all too often financial disasters.


This is true...a year ago my husband was brought before the board for failing his PT test more than once...he'd hurt his foot. Granted, the AF doesn't just toss you out, it's quite a long process...well for failing your PT test anyway. However, it definitely woke us up. He's always used his downtime to continue his education and earn more certifications. This is more for when he retires in 3 years but if something did happen he would still be marketable. I also followed my mother's advice and made sure I had a career before I got married. She married my father straight out of high school and when they lost their business she had to start all over. I realized after that you never know if you'll need to be the one earning the money.
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DH's job is very stable.

He is getting older, so I worry more about his health issues and not being able to work more than him losing his job at this point.
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Never, never, never, assume.

My husband had worked for his very successful, worldwide company for 21 years. At his last evaluation, he received a raise and a bonus for making his yearly goals - nothing new, he always received great evaluations from a variety of supervisors throughout his career.

Three days after his last wonderful evaluation, he and half his department were given 90 days notice. Nothing personal, just business. They had decided to change the expansion plans they had been training my husband's department for.

Up-to-date skills, a large network of contacts, and a six month emergency fund provide the best security for me.

Sorry if I sound overly negative but I want to spare people from the disbelief my husband went through.
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My husband's company is a well known large thriving company, but they were sold recently and several people were laid off. DH has been with this company for 17yrs and we believe he was really lucky to not have been one of the ones laid off. He has always gotten great reviews and bonuses. He also knows lots of stuff others don't and that makes him a valuable resource, but we don't feel stable about it. He is probably going to be there for many more years, but I still worry about it.
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DH industry is secure...that doesn't mean his job; there is a big difference, I don't think anyone can say they are 110% sure their job is secure. You just never know. That is something we don't take for granted. Right now we're good, but who is to know what tomorrow brings?
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My DH works for UPS and Publix, so I suppose we are secure, cause UPS is union and its a act of congress to fire someone there, or lay off really... Unless they are seasonal help..

As for Publix, everyone needs groceries, so I dont see him loosing that job unless he did something stupid which he is a team leader, and has his act together
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