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People who didn't know they were pregnant!

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Have you ever known anyone that was pregnant and didn't know it?

I've known TWO people! And it's not like we're talking about dumb people!

One of them had health problems (I won't go into the details) and was told by her doctor that she never could have a baby. She had always had a screwy cycle and never thought anything of it. She gained a bit of weight but it wasn't that much. Her doctor, yes she was in care of a doctor, brought her in for an ultrasound of some body part of hers ... they ended up performing a c-section on her that afternoon! She never had a clue!

The other one, again in care of a doctor, had taken several pregnancy tests and they all came back as negative! She also was on birth control -- she went in labor one afternoon and delievered a baby!

Thankfully both of these babies were healthy and are actually teenagers now days.
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Boy, am I tired of getting spam from the Discovery channel for this post!
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Yes sadly I've known quite a few. Crazy! As a mom of 3,I think to myself and say, HOW ON EARTH could you not know?But they all have thier excuses how they didn't.

For instance there was a girl in high school. She LOOKED pregnant. But just kept denying when people asked her, said she got her period every month. Her mom (heck I would have just brought my dd to the dr, to look pregnant and claim not to be is just ODD) asked her and she again said she wasn't. She actually had her baby in the parking lot of the hospital, she was in such pain from labor, someone brought her in.

2 older ladies that I worked with, both denied being pregant. They actually knew they were, they just hid it well, and one even went so far as to ask her mother to get pads each month. Then one night she was in labor so she told her mom she was 'having a right NOW'. The other worked all day in labor, then went to the hospital after work and delivered. I never understood that one.

My best friend's sil again never knew it either. She said she felt great, she was already a big girl, had her period every month. Then she went to the hospital they thought maybe appendicitis. She had the baby that night. I say, HOW do you explain away all the baby movement, the heartburn, the tiredness, ect. I mean, there was NO denying I was with child.
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Yep, actually I know a NURSE who didn't know she was pregnant. She was on the depo shot so didn't think anything of not getting a period. She's a big girl who happens to carry most of her weight in her belly and she didn't gain much at all. She said she just figured she had gas when she felt movements. Granted, speaking w/her after the fact, she stated that in hindsight it all made sense but she was already a single mother and the power of denial is a wonderful thing.
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Most of the people I know like that are usually bigger women, but they eventually figured it out in their 2nd trimester. One of my friends thought she was only 9 weeks and it turns out she was really 5 months! Wasn't even showing yet! She was no big girl either...

I know my mom knew she was pregnant, but no one else knew except my dad. She hardly showed at all and she hid it well. My grandma figured it out and was going to approach her about it (my mom was 17 when she had me). Then my grandma gets a phone call from the hospital in Ft Campbell that my mom had a baby girl!
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This happened in my town. The family/girl thought she was dying or something, b/c she was in labor and they went in and she delivered a 9 lb. baby boy. I don't know how someone wouldn't know, but it seems more possible seeing that that this girl was about 6'2" and heavy, so maybe she didn't notice anything?! I couldn't believe it when I heard.
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I was four months along before I knew I was pregnant! I was 20, and newly married, and gaining weight. When pregnant, I gain it all over. I was also sick and had weird feelings in my tummy. I was on sucky insurance (remember indemnity only plans?) so didn't have a regular Dr. Went to a Dr. at the hospital - horrible Dr., horrible hospital because I was afraid something was really wrong - a flu that wouldn't go away. They took a blood test and MAILED me the results (this was 1982) two weeks later. I couldn't get back in to see a Dr. until 3 wks after that. At that point, they thought I was only 9-12 wks pregnant. It was no fun. We ended up losing the baby, and only then did they tell me I was about 16 wks along.

Oh, how times have changed! I still would never recommend Albany Med in NY.
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That would be terrifying considering I took major precautions during pregnancy. For example, no caffeine, no alcohol, prenatal vitamins, etc.
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My MIL claims she didn't know right away, which could be possible she had 10children and the set of twins are only a few months apart from the next set so she hadn't lost all the weight from the first set.
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I know of three.
The first one: A girl I went to school with was born on a toilet! Her mother thought she was having really bad bathroom pains and ended up delivering her on the toilet!
Second: This mother in my sons prek class thought she was having gas and ended up she was 7 months pregnant and it was the baby kicking her!(sad thing is she already had two kids!)
Third: This lady with three grown kids, kept gaining weight, but didn't think anything about it. Until she went into labor!!! Talk about not being prepared.

I just don't understand it. Even when I was pregnant in high school I just knew very early on. I can't explain it. But both times I just needed a pregnancy test just to confirm my suspensions. I don't understand how you don't know.

Talk about a shock to the system!!
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