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Well I am inspired to go and try them out. Maybe I will buy a few things and just see. I assume I can carry in my own recycle bags from other stores (Target and WalMart) and I don't HAVE to buy their bags?

What type of Debit Cards do they take? (I will bring cash when I go Just in case!!)
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I've never been to an Aldi's. I just looked them up and the nearest one is about 30 miles/ 45 minutes away. Would you go that far?
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No. Not w/ current gas prices. If you happen to be out that way for something else, I'd definately stop.
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I do it all the time. Our Aldi's is about 30 miles from me. I go about once a month. I save up all my errands to run in town and do them all on the same day.
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Ours is the same distance away and I don't normally do it. The way our budget works I can't stock up once a month and I just can't justify going when I do shop (every two weeks). In that small of a trip I don't save enough to pay for the gas.

Like Calimari said though - if I am that direction for ANYTHING else, I do always try to stop.
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Our closest Aldies is about 30 minutes away and yes, I do go. I go about every 3 weeks and that is it, unless I intend to be in the town prior to this. I build an on going list of what we need or will need soon and if something comes up and we need to go to Walmart, I will go to Aldies also. I will only go to our in town stores if I need to in between trips but if I go to Aldies, it is cheaper by far.
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My closest Aldis is also about 30 min. away. I hadn't went because it was so far away but I had to go there this last week. After shopping there, I am definitly going back at least once a month. I stocked up on alot of items that were a great deal cheaper than I can buy at the local stores in town. I think it will be worth the drive once every 3 to 4 weeks.
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Depends on what other stores are around you.

We have the one grocery store in town that's about 5 miles away. Walmart, Aldi's, Meijer, Kroger etc are all either north of us or west of us, both 20 miles away.

I go to Aldi's and Meijers for the main grocery trip to stock up, and to the small grocery store or the dollar store for small things.

I do have the little list paper from Aldi's, so I can plan my shopping around that. I also get the Meijer circular out of the paper, and between the two, get my list figured out. I have an Excel sheet I'm working on to list the prices of everything I get so I know what place is best (they are across the street from each other in the one town!)
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Only if I didn't have any other decent stores around me. I live right by town, so their are plenty of choices. I like to stock up on my basics at Aldis.
I suppose if you have a grocery store close, but it doesn't have a lot of good deals, I would probably drive to Aldis every couple of months to stock up on dry goods.
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my suggestion would be to carpool with someone, my sister and I do this once about every 4-6 weeks,(our nearest aldi is about 25 minutes away) it makes the gas 1/2 the price and you have someone to go with. We just stock up when we are there so we don't have to go back too often.
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