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Selling Food at Yard sales, pt 2

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WHAT A SUCCESS! I read the majority of those responded and boy am I glad! Next year, I'm only selling food. No more stuff for sale - I'll donate it and make more money (or claim more on taxes) then I ever will yard saleing it!

We sold hot dogs for .50/each - we had 100 and it cost approx. 14.69 for supplies.....we sold out by 1030. All baked goods were gone in a flash - easy easy easy!!! Over all our sale made 398 dollars - over 200 of that was food.

I couldnt give away clothes for .10 but people were asking for food that as sold out!

Thanks for the input ladies!
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holy crap! I'd do it every weekend at that profit!!!!!!!

I know those hotdog stands make MAD money - we would do one every single year for Girl Scouts (when I was a scout) and we made so much money it was crazy. It was pure profit for us, because we got all the food donated from the store we sat out front of (being that we were non-profit). And it was really fun to do.
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Wow that's great!!

I am having a yard sale the weekend after next for the Relay For Life and I am gonna have to come up with something for food now!!! lol
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WOW, that's great!!
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Good for you!!!
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I think one of the perks to having food at your sale is that many of us that go yard saling are STARVING come 8-9am!! Or atleast I am. If someone sells cookies or even hot dogs I grab a few! So I can see how that would be a success!Awesome Job!
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WOW!!!! I had no idea you could make that much money. I think I am definatley gonna have a garage sale just so I can sell food. Way to go!!!
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Good for you!!!

We always think about doing it, but never actually get around to doing it. I think next time we'll have to though!!!
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Wow, that is great!
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