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Target vent

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This may belong in another thread but I am so peeved at Target right now. I went to use the $2 coupon I received via e-mail that is linked to Targets web site and the store would not take it or any of my other Target internet coupons!!! The cashier told me that she couldn't get it to scan so for security reasons she couldn't take them. Fine, I understand that there are "fake" coupons out there and that some people try to cheat just to get things for free, but these were Target coupons and nothing "free"!!! And, she basically said the cashiers shouldn't have to type them in manually if they won't scan so they just won't take them - what?!?! For cryin out loud they were all Target coupons- I asked for a manager and she told me the same thing. Then they got rude when I told her I didn't want the things I had coupons for- sorry, but without the coupons I could get those items cheaper elsewhere. Said I was cheap -It just made me so mad- especially when there is a line, the kids are getting restless and it wasn't a money issue, it was a principle issue. Ugh!!!!
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Either call target customer service at their 800 number or send them an email...I would call, though. This happened to one of my friends and the store was told that they have to accept the coupons. Just remember to be calm and polite and also mention how rude the manager and cashier were. Good luck and please tell us if you complain and how target handles it for you.
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I agree, I would call customer service. I am sure they would be happy to let the store know that they should be accepting these coupons, and would like to know how you were treated.
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Oh no she didn't call you cheap!! That whole incident is definatley worth a call!!
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I would have asked for the 800 number for customer service right then and there. I am mean that way, I guess, but that is no way to treat a customer.
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She said you were cheap, to your face?? Oh my, heads would roll for that one.
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I agree with everyone else. You should NOT be treated that way. Call their 800# and complain to customer service (did you happen to get the cashier & manager's name -- because I'd name names too, if you have them because those people should not be working with customers.)
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Definalty call and make some noise about this!
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I am sure the higher ups at Target will want to know about this - if you don't call write them a letter and send the coupons they wouldn't take. I guarantee they will be sending you a gift card to keep your business.
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I have a frend who live in Illinois who had a similar situation happen to her. They told her they would not take any of her Target coupons....she argues with the manager and the manager said she was trying to rip the store off and she was going to call the police. She went home and called the 1-800 number and they were vey sorry and told her that was unexceptable. The store never call and said they were sorry or anything. Needless to say she said she will never go in that Target again!
I would definatly call still!
Good Luck...
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