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Idlewild Park, Ligonier, Pa

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Anyone been to this park recently? We are thinking of taking a day trip this weekend. Any info or tips to share? Thank You !
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Anyone been to this park recently? We are thinking of taking a day trip this weekend. It would be me, DH, DS ( 4 ) aand DS ( 13 ) , I'm a little concerned there my not be enough to keep oldest occupied. Any info or tips to share? Thank You !
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IMHO- I think your oldest would be bored if it is too cold to go into Splash Lagoon-there is a few rides that the oldest can go on-but I truly feel that it is geared more towards younger children. If you go I would suggest in the summer time when it is warmer so the oldest can enjoy the water side-but definately try to take the youngest- Storybook Forest is full of cute little things (great photo ops!), it is in a really pretty area- it is a decent SMALL park though.

I noticed that you are coming from Ohio- although it seems to be more expensive (not really though!)- I would probably try Kennywood Park first. It is closer to you, more rides for the oldest and younger one (if you youngest is at least 36" he can go on the Jack Rabbit). If you decide go there instead- stop at a Giant Eagle- they are selling Kennywood Tickets for $22 at the service desk (make sure to buy the youngest ticket at the park though- it is cheaper than the amount you need to pay for the discounted park tickets at Giant Eagle).

I hope that helps you some- feel free to ask anymore questions (I go to both parks every year- with the exception of Idlewild last year!)!
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Stevesgal Thanks so much for all the info. I think we will try Kennywood, it is about thirty minutes closer. Thanks for the tip about Giant Eagle that saves 10.00 a ticket. Will we see a Giant Eagle from the road? Now just hoping the weather will co-operate
I was afraid Idlewild was going to be too young for the older son but we will definately go once it gets hotter so he can do the water side. We took the oldest there years ago and I thought it was such a nice place. Thanks Again, Barb
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You're welcome!

I am trying to think of a Giant Eagle that is close to Kennywood and I seriously can't think of one right now! By any chance do you know which way you will be coming into the area? If you need to use the turnpike (Route 76 in this area) to get into PA- you can get off at the Cranberry Twp. exit and head down I-79 South- there is a Giant Eagle right off the highway on Camp Horne Road exit- it is right off the exit and entrance of I-79 so it should be no issue to get off/on 79. If you go to the Giant Eagle website there is also a few locations in Ohio- I want to say Akron area-not positive though!

Oh- BTW- they will be doing construction on the Turnpike (I-76) during this summer near Idlewild so if you decide to go- at least you are forewarned (PennDot is something else!)!

Oh if you can't find a Giant Eagle- on the back of Pepsi cans they usually will have a "coupon" on them for Kennywood, Idlewild and Sand Castle (they are all owned by the same people)- I think I saw a buy 3 get one free on the back of one but it is a better deal to stop by Giant Eagle (that is where we usually get our tickets at!).
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The directions I have do take us the turnpike and I 79 south, the cost savings is enough of savings even if I have to go out of the way a little. We do have a Giant Eagle in town, I just wasn't sure if they would have attraction tickets for PA, I'll check though, they have a few things on sale this week I need so I'll be there anyways. As long as the weather continues to look good we are going to go on Sunday Thanks Again and Have a Nice Weekend!!!
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Have a great time- the weather will be beautiful this weekend- have some Potato Patch fries for me!
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There is a Giant Eagle right on Hoffman Blvd, just down from Kennywood. We were just there on Sunday. My youngest will be 3 in June and he rode the Jack Rabbit roller coaster for the first time, loved it! That was all he talked about all day. I have a 6yr old also that loved it. I asked if anyone wanted to go to Kiddieland and nobody answered me! So I had to "force" my little one to Kiddieland while my dh took my other ds on the Exterminator!LOL Thanks stevesgal about the heads up for discounted tix at GE. I had no idea. I also didn't realize that they charge by how tall you are, under 46" junior fun day tix at $19 and over 46" is regular fun day tix at $32, so we had to pay the $32 for my 6yr old. I for some reason thought it went by age. Here is the link for Giant Eagle Giant Eagle - Store Details
and also if you have google earth it's a great way to see where it is in relation to the park.

Now that it seems both my children are too "old" to ride kiddie rides, my dh and I were just discussing today how we probably wont go to Idlewild this year. It really is a nice family park, very shaded (except for Soak Zone), but it is geared for younger kids I think, they have a great kiddie area. To me, my youngest is still a baby and I'd love to take him one last time to Idlewild, but he is totally into big boy rides and we just don't think it's worth it to go.

Have a great though where ever you decide to go.
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Ok, wow, I guess I should have read the date of the posts there! So I guess you already went? LOL We were at Kennywood Sunday and had perfect weather for it!
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I LOVE Kennywood. I grew up near there. Makes me homesick.... Every time we plan to go to Pgh, they ask to go to Kennywood. Even in Jan..
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