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Diaper Deals this week?

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If you find any good diaper deals post them here! I only have a week work of diapers left (GULP!) and I need to stockpile bad! I don't want to pay full price!
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The only deal that I know of this week is at CVS. They have the Playskool brand diapers on sale mega pack for 10.99 If you spend $20 on any playskool purchase, you get $5 ECB. There is also a coupon for the playskool wipes & diapers at CVS. The diapers coupon is $2 off ;wipes $1 off. And if you aren't a regular CVS shopper, there is a limit of 5 ECB offers. Also the best thing to do if you are going to get more than one of the ECB offer is to buy 2 packages ($20 value) take off the coupons & pay. When the ECB prints out, buy the other two packages & use the ECB's from the first purchase, then your total will only be $15ish.

I don't know about the quality of playskool diapers. I plan on buying some this week to try out. The nice thing about CVS is they guarantee their stuff. Keep your reciept, get cash back. Don't have your reciept--get store credit. They have a WAY better return policy than Wal-Mart or any other store I know!

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If you can hold out until Sunday, CVS is supposed to have a huge sale on Pampers.

(Below courtesy of

**Try not to buy Pampers this week. There's an awesome Pampers deal next week that's worth waiting for (see Preview, below).**

There are so many different size packs of diapers on sale this week that figuring out which deal is the best is a little tricky. To make a long story short, the best deal I found on Pampers (if you must buy them this week) is at Rite Aid, where big boxes are $19.99. The best deal on Huggies is at Publix (through Wednesday), where big boxes (size 3, 84 ct.) are $19.99. Use a $1.50-off coupon and you'll be paying around .22 for size 3. Don't have Publix? Huggies super megas are $16.99 at Target, just slightly higher per diaper than the Pubix deal.

If you can swing $100 for diapers, you can get $20 Back on Pampers and Luvs at Amazon through the end of the month. You'll get Cruisers size 3 for under .21 each (stockupportunity prices!). Free shipping.

The Huggies buy-three-get-a-$5 rebate offer has been extended through 6/15.

Store Brands:
Playskool megas are $10.99 at CVS (size 4 contains 46 diapers). Buy two and you'll get $5 in Extra Bucks. Kmart's Little Ones swim diapers are $4.99. Little Ones big packs (size 4 has 92) are $14.99. Kmart's 400-ct. wipe refills are $7.99. That's a good price.

"Pampers should be $7.99 a jumbo at CVS the week of 6/1. PLUS, buy $20 in Pampers or Pampers wipes and get $5 in ECBs. Includes Easy Ups and Feel n Learn. This beats the pants off the 5/25 Pampers deal at CVS (so to speak). AND the new P&G brandSaver comes out 6/1. It should contain Pampers mannies! CVS megas wil be $9.99 the week of 6/1."
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Thank you SuperSavinMommy! I'll hold off until Sunday (well it would be Wed before I can get to CVS). I'll try not to buy anything unless I find something on clearance or really cheap. Does CVS give rainchecks if they run out?
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I will definatly be stocking up at CVS next week!!
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I posted this deal last week in Online Bargains but it's still valid through 5/31:

$20 Pampers and Luvs Offer

Get a promotional certificate good for $20 off a future purchase when you spend $99 on select Pampers and Luvs products offered by This offer applies only to purchases of products sold by between May 1 and May 31, 2008. (See a full list of restrictions at the bottom of this page.)

PLUS: FREE SHIPPING ON $25! No lugging those big boxes home... have them delivered right to your front door!

Here's the rest of the baby thread:
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Our Walmart is clreaencing out the White Cloud boxes. We got a size 3 box, 84 diapers, for $10. They had all the sizes. Was our first expierence with those diapers, and they hve done just as good as Pampers!
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