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coupon for a FREE swiffer wet jet

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starter kit! YEAH! I LOVE my swiffer wet jet.

I have this coupon because the handle on mine broke and I called the company since there is a year warrenty on them.... yadda yadda... but I have 1400 sq feet of hardwood floor and I could not wait til the coupon came. So I bought a new one and you're now in luck!
I think that they are like $16-17

Any who.... post your "unique" cleaning tip and I will pick
this weekend my favorite.

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I will use a dry swiffer pad to wipe down my bathroom counter and around the toilet and tub before I clean. This way it gets whatever kind of hair or dust before I use my cleaners this way my rag is not full of hair and I am not just moving it from one place to another. That driver me crazy
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Use a fabric softener sheet to dust TV screens. The dust clings to the sheet and it repells dust from landing on the screen for a while.

(Bonus tip- the lazy man's way of dusting a heavily knick knacked shelf is use the air spray in a can meant for a computer keyboard.)
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The refill cleaner bottles for the swifter are expensive. I have a big house with a lot of tile and wood floors and buying those bottle gets expensive. I can go through one in one day.

If you pop open the lid carefully, because it is a little tricky, you can refill them yourself.

I use a mixture of simple green (1/4) cup, vinegar (1/2 cup) and warm water. I can use this on my wood floors and tile. It works great! I save tons of money this way also.

BTW, my swifter that I own I have had for 4 years and it has not given me any problems but it would be great to finally get a new one.
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anyone else??!! have hard floors need swiffer! LOL
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I have "wood floors" they are more laminate but they were more expensive then hard wood
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I don't really have any unsual cleaning tips. Just that if you can get your kids to help out it saves alot of time I used to play amelia bediliah when I was little at my grandmas she would give me a list of chores to do and I would do them lol I loved it I used to beg her to make me lists lol
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oooh, this is a good one!!!
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My favorite cleaning tip is to use the magic erasure to take soap scum off the bathroom shower, tub, sink ect. It is great and no harsh chemicals. I found this when I was preggo with my second and still use it to the day.
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hmmm we have hard floors and my best cleaning tip is to always sweep first yes this is common sense but then after sweeping i put my stuff id use with my mop [pinesole] and then use the wet jet instead of the cleaner they sell! Ooooo I hope I win! I have been posting all night and will have 50 REALLY soon!
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