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Oh my gosh! The lunch with the vet and all the interns was totally cracking me up!!!!

I'm sick of commercials already, though.
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I just watched this show for the first time tonight. It is a REALLY good show. I will definately be watching it again.
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I love this show...Meridith dating both guys...OMG!! Priceless!!
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The scene at her house at the end of her date with McDreamy was so good!! I loved it!! Next week's previews look really good, too.

Could you believe George and Carlie's patient? I thought he was out of line. What did you think?
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I missed the date with the vet, but enjoyed the rest of the show. I think McDreamy is hotter than the vet. I loved the dialog between Meridith and McDreamy's wife in the supply closet.
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I agree Hawkshoe, that was pretty funny.

I also enjoyed the show last night. It was pretty upbeat. However, I am getting tired of Christina's inner conflict. It was nice to see her come around at the end though ~ when she hacked open the chicken and told Burke to put it back together!!!
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Originally Posted by hawkshoe View Post

I loved the dialog between Meridith and McDreamy's wife in the supply closet.

Me, too!! Great show last night.
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When Finn showed up wit hthe ice cream and she gave that little speech then slammed thedoor, I was yelling," no the ice cream! Go back for the ice-cream!" DH cracked up when she did! I can't help it I just love the show and the previews for next week....Oh it just gets better and better!!!!
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Last night's episode was only the 2nd one I'd ever seen but now I'm hooked! I was roflmao when she said, I'm plucked, waxed.....I want romance, I want to be treated like a lady! I'll definitely be watching next week. But what's the story with the blonde standing outside of the hospital all day?
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As a true McSteamy fan, I was just lovin' this show! I also love the ending with George, Meredith and Izzy in the bed, together.

I just find it odd that once again, Alex is the one to handle Izzy and come to her rescue.

Looking forward to see what Denny's written in the envelope (next week's show!)
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