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We have Buddy who is a 4 year old boston terrier, who thinks he is a little boy!
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4 yo male border collie- Kai Mana (Spirit of the Ocean), he has the energy of 2 dogs!
8 yo male tabby kitty- Benjamin Kitty or Benny (named after Benjamin Bunny)
6 yo female tuxedo kitty- Miss Chloe (I found her in the bushes when she was two weeks old and she is super attached to us and very prissy)
2 goldfish at the moment

We used to have a bunny and a russian tortoise too, but the bunny died and the tortoise went to live at dh's school, we ran out of room when ds was born.
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Well, most of you know that our dog died a month or so ago, but we love dogs and will most likely get another one in the next few months, since we like big dogs(bloodhounds, St Bernards, etc.) we only ever have 1 dog at a time.

Right now though we do have a really pretty Blue Betta Fish(chinese fighting fish) named BLUE-Y, my ds loves that thing, lol!!
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We have a 4 yr old Chocolate Lab Alex

a 1 yr old bunny Brownie

and a revolving goldfish bowl :0
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We have a 9-yr old flat-haired retriever, male dog. He is an absolute love!

We also have a guinea pig. We got him to keep the bunny company, then the bunny died. I really like guinea pigs. I'll probably adopt more later on. However, right now I'm looking forward to trying to sell this house and, hopefully, travelling more so I'm looking to reduce the number of pets we have.
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1 dog 2 years old Golden Retriever curly as can be
1 cat over 10 years old Black
2 snakes Ball Pythons
1 snapping turtle size of a quarter just got it this week
1 rat the snakes didn't eat
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We have Nurnt the cat and Bubba the beta fish.
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  • A four-year-old Flat Coat Retriever
  • A twelve-year-old orange Tabby cat
  • Four fish
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I have 2 cats, a 3 year old black cat named Vader and a almost 1 year old white with grey spots kitten named Hitchens. They're my babies.
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We have a 17 month old Brittany Spaniel named Meilly. Great dog!!
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