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What do you serve with egg salad sandwiches? - Page 2

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I Always Do a Starch or a vegetable or both -

Potato Salad

Macoroni salad

Macoroni and Cheese ( Occasionally For the kids )

pasta Salad

Baked beans

Saurkraut Salad

3 bean Salad

Noodle soup ( Lipton Cup of Soup Type)

French fries

Potato chips

Cut up veggies and Dip

Pickles and Olives

Corn on the cob ..

Green Bean Salad -

Really - Whatever I Have on Hand.
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My dh loves tomato soup, so he will have a cup of that with his sandwich. Chips and a pickle are good to, or cut up cucumbers with salt and pepper.
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I would just eat it in a salad, nothing on the side but a pickle. My daughter loves egg salad dip, make it the same way you do but whip it up in a beater. She likes to dip crakers in it.
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chips would be my first choice and maybe baked beans or green beans.
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I will ususally try and keep it light. So a salad or pasta salad. Some sort of salad without mayo & mustard since that is already in the egg salad. A cup of soup is nice when it is cold out. We usually have some sort of chips or crackers too. Maybe some sliced cheese and crackers. Fruit salad sounds yummy.
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Pudding,pickles,pear salad(interesting never heard of it),and pasta salads all sound good.Plain ole chips sound good too

Thanks for the idea's.
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Sliced tomatoes would be good. I also agree with pickle spears.

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Originally Posted by Katie-ryn View Post

On a side note: what's with serving chips as a side dish? I've never heard of that before.

We've always had chips as a side with sandwiches as long as I can remember (and I'm not a spring chicken here).

My mom used to make us bologna & cheese sandwiches and I'd put some chips on my sandwich between the bologna and bread.... Ummm.... Brings back memories.

And she used to make egg salad sandwiches all of the time. I haven't had them as an adult. DH has high cholesterol and won't eat eggs. He's already tainted the kids too. They think egg salad sandwiches are gross and they've never even ate them!
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