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Tips for traveling with a larger family?

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We are a family of six, and we find that making frugal travelling arrangements can be quite a task! Most hotels do not accomodate this size family unless you reserve 2 rooms. Sometimes we are able to find a cabin or other rental house that costs less than the cost of 2 rooms in a nice hotel. Plus, we can "eat in" to save on the food budget since most rentals have a fully stocked kitchen.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for travelling with a larger family?

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I'll be watching this posting...we are also a family of six and on occasion we have "squeezed" into one hotel room, but it seems that that makes our stay very stressful for all, not to mention the lack of sleep any of us gets! I hope you get lots of tips!

The only tip I have is that even in a room without a ful kitchen I will often bring my crockpot and cook or reheat BBQ sandwiches, sloppy Joes, shredded turkey, whatever we think of so that we can eat in.
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This is us too. We like to rent a house or camp. House rentals can be very reasonable especially if you go with another family or in the off season. Just a week makes a big price difference in some places. Also, some of the suite hotels have good deals and reward programs. Also, some hotels have free breakfast, there are some that even have hot breakfast included. That can save us ALOT. We also try to cook our own food and take snacks. Dining out costs more than hotels! I've found that some of the books that have savings tips for Disney have good ideas that can be used anywhere.
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I don't have a large family, but I've read that you can rent dorm rooms at certain universities very inexpensively. So that might be something to check into if you're travling to say NYC, Chicago etc
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Hostels are an option too. Don't know if I could get my family to stay in one.
If you know the area you are going to pretty well, priceline saves a lot of money. Research the area and all the hotels, if you know you could stay at any of those hotels, make a bid at priceline, for 2 rooms of course. After you win your bid, call the hotel and ask if you can get double beds in those rooms. Also their star rating system goes up to 4 starts. Usually a 4 or 3 star doesn't have a continental breakfast, but a 2.5 or lower usually does.
Buy the entertainment book for the area you are going to. Order it at least a couple of weeks before you go, because that is how they say it takes to ship to you.
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I use the Entertainment book alot! We are soon to be a family of 6 also so looking forward to more great tips.

We already do all our travel in the off season and share meals.
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One thing we do is pack a cooler with drinks and
snacks for the road. It saves from spending any
money at convenience stores or fast food!!
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Susannah mentioned hotels that sleep six as a way to save.  

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