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Stop and Shop, Shaws (only if I need something in a pinch), Market Basket, Trader Joe's and BJ's.
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Hannaford, Walmart, Pleau's
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Originally Posted by Midwest Mommy View Post

I usually shop at County Market (same as CUB foods), a SuperValu store. I sometimes travel to the next town to meijers if there are exceptionally good stock-up sales. I also do Sam's Club for certain items that are cheaper than I can get the same items on sale at my local grocery. Yeast is a good example.

Does County Market run the same sales that Cub runs?
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I will post deals from supertarget, publix,winn-dixie.
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mostly walmart
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Meijer and Aldis.
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wal-mart 95% of the time
piggly wiggly (when in a hurry)
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I used to be the faithful Wal-mart shopper. But I recently found that I can buy a galllon of milk at Aldi's for $1.99 and I was paying $3.29 at Wal-mart, and when you buy 5 gallons a week that really adds up. I don't really like Aldi except for the great price on milk so only get milk there. I like to buy most everything else at Sav-a-Lot. I still go to Wal-mart for all my name brands and meat. I do watch for the Kroger adds and you can find some great deals on name brand foods at the Dollar Store and even Big Lots.
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Commissary & Dillons mostly. When I have a reason to go where Walgreens and Aldi are I go there too.
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