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I don't think your age has anything to do with it. If your comfortable in a bikini, then go ahead!
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Originally Posted by skimommy View Post

If you are comfortable in it, go for it. I like a tankini but that is my preference for me.

I totally agree! I wear a tankini also myself....because that's what I feel comfy in.
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I am 36 and personally I wear a tankini. After 2 babies I feel more comfortable covering up my stomach pudge.. I am 5' 5" and 117 lbs.. However if you have abs of steel and look great in it go ahead.

I say go to the local pool or beach and see what women your age and body style are wearing.. How do they look.. Do you want to look like them?

Have you gone into the fitting rooms and tried on different styles? It can be very humbling.
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I Was Also Thinking About the kids -
Two Of Mine Would Be Mortified if I Wore a Bikini.
Even if I Had a Great Body.

And Let me tell you I Strongly think A Women Needs a Great Body to wear One.
I agree too . Look around And what do you think of Moms With kids Wearing Bikinis?
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If you are comfortable, go for it!!! Personally, I have not worn a bikini for more than 22 years since my oldest was born. I was the tiny type who gained 70 lbs, I lost it all, but the stretch marks have stayed with me all these years.

Now at almost 44 and 7 kids later, the stretch marks and the weight would scare everyone away if I wore a bikini
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If you've got the body and can find something tasteful (not string) go for it!
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I'm 37 and still wear a bikini. Why not? Don't live with regrets. You'll probably only regret NOT wearing one when you had the chance.
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I work at a pool and I can tell you that all ages of females are wearing bikinis! If you feel comfortable doing it, then go for it!!!
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I'm gonna be the minority and say if you've had kids you shouldn't wear a bikini. I guess I'm from the old school mindset but let's face it, all of us probably have stretch marks and some little rolls that lycra from a tankini will help camoflauge.
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38...two kids...and no stretch marks...I still wear my two piece bikini. Go for it!!
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