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I'm different here. I don't think there is ever a time, place, or age for a bikini. (other than in private with your dh) I don't think it is appropriate to go out in public with something on that covers less than a bra and panties, for any age. I know when I go to amusement or water parks, I HATE seeing that!!! No matter what shape the body is in or the age.
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Here's my thoughts on bikinis. Wear them if you wanna. I do, and will (if I look ok) wear a string bikini. Why? Because I can. Even at 27, 5'3 and 135. And no, I don't look silly, or gross. I look good. And I can say that. Could I look BETTER? Sure, we all could. But I refuse to wait til then. Do it now.
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I guess it is all a preference on to how much skin you are comfortable showing. For me, no one needs to see me in less than a tankini besides my husband. Of course I would look horrible in a bikini, but even if I didn't I still would wear one. I never let the girls wear them, and they don't care, so far. Well, the little one has one, but I have several suits for her, a bikini(because it had Daisy Duck on it, and she had to have one) tankini, and one peice .
I do have to say, that I do not enjoy seeing ladies with thong bathing suits(I don't think you can do that here anyway) or very teeny cover almost nothing bikinis. But I see nothing wrong with a bikini that covers all your parts, and nothing hangs out.
I also have to say, that even if I was smaller, I am sure my teenage son would be apalled to go to the beach with his mother in a bikini.
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If you've got it, flaunt it (if you want to). I turned 38 last week, have a 15 year old daughter, often still get asked for ID if I go to a bar (drinking age is 19 here), and am fit (run 6 miles a day). I've always worn bikinis, and I couldn't care less if anyone else thinks it's inappropriate for a 38 year old mother to wear them. I look far better in it than many of the 18 year old overweight girls I see these days.
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I used to be able to wear bikini's even after my first child but with 2 c-sectios literally under my belt LOL and stretch marks I wouldn't be caught dead in one. I do have to wear two piece tankinis because I have a long torso and one pieces never fit me right. I say it doesn't have to do with age but what shape your body is in. If you are fit and have only a few stretch marks than go for it
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If you feel comfortable wearing it then go for it. I wear a tankini now but I also have a 2 year old who grabs on and trys to pull off certain items of clothes. I will say this--if after my kids are older I feel comfy in a bikini--then darn right I will wear one
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I say wear what you want as long as you are comfortable and covered. Tankinis are my choice, especially if you have to use the bathroom where ever you are. One pieces are two hard to pull up when wet.

Whatever you do HAVE FUN!!
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I'm about to be 26 this year. I have 2 children and working on #3. I have the mommy tummy and although it's as flat as a mommy tummy can be, it's got the mama wrinkle..and I still wear a bikini. The older folks in my neighborhood smile real big and wave at me. So I'm not offending anyone I hope.

If you are comfortable wearing something of the sorts, great. I personally don't mind sitting in my bikini outside with my daughters watching them in the pool as I read a book. However once I know someone is coming to visit I throw on some shorts and a tank to cover me up. That's just me.
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I say if you got it flaunt it within reason meaning maybe a more tasteful bikini that leaves a little to the imagination. Y

YEP!! thats what i was gonna say!
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I say go for it! I've had 4 kids and I wore a bikini during every trip to the beach last year. I worked hard for my body and I didn't want to hide behind a bathing suit.
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