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Monthly grocery budget

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What is your grocery budget monthly? I'm trying to make it to $400 a month, but that is proving IMPOSSIBLE!! I SAHM and we rarely ever eat out at all, so we eat all 3 meals here and snacks and everything else. It's just difficult and I feel like I'm doing something wrong with our monthly good bill going towards $500 or more.
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I try to keep my budget around $300-350. I have a family of 5 and we both work full time and 2 kiddos in school all day. It IS doable. Check out the spending less forum and the new grocery forum for ideas. If you use sales, coupons, stockpile, buy in bulk, you CAN make this happen, I promise!
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What is your grocery budget monthly? I'm trying to make it to $400 a month, but that is proving IMPOSSIBLE!! I SAHM and we rarely ever eat out at all, so we eat all 3 meals here and snacks and everything else. It's just difficult and I feel like I'm doing something wrong with our monthly good bill going towards $500 or more.

I agree with everything you said. It's me and dh and two kids (ages 7 & 9) and no matter how frugal I try to be, I can't seem to hit my goal of $400 a month, especially on 5 week months. I aim for $100 a week and usually get there but it's hard. There is some great advice on these boards. Some use coupons, others buy generic, some have their own gardens, some eat meat rarely.

I'm with you though. We almost never eat out. I've been trying to make my own snacks (homemade muffins and cookies, crackers with spreads, etc) and that has made a big difference. I was spending a lot on the convenient pre packaged snacks (granola bars, pudding cups, individual sized yogurts, etc).

I also make my own popsicles (fudgesicles out of chocolate pudding) and we don't buy any drink boxes, kool-aid or pop. We do buy real OJ but only serve it at breakfast. Other than that it's water or milk with meals.
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We have started doing this. We started bulking up on meat and preparing dinners in advance. So if we get hungry instead of eating expensive snacks we can microwwave meatloaf or whatevere it is I have frozen. Also couponing has saved my life. So far this month I have spent 300 dollars but I have enough meat for 4 months...I bought the meat at the lowest price. I also have detergents cereal and other items. the trick it to buy a large quanity of what ever you eat @ the lowest price...Example. cereal normally is 4.00 a box...Buy it when it is on sale 2 for 4.00 Buy enough for 6 months worth..SO in the future you only have to buy when things are on sale. Also do not forget to write amd email companies. They are always willing to help out by giving coupons. ....I figure by the end of this month I will spen another 400...But that will be ebough food for 6 months. So the only thing I have to buy after that is milk egg..and perisable items. I have been able to cut my grocery bill down to 275 a month..from 850. That to me is amazing. I also purchase formula and diapers with that 275. IT CAN BE DONE!
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I have a family of four. We eat out about twice per month (a pizza from the local place). All other meals are eaten at home or packed from home and eaten at work/school. I have been coming in at about $100 per shopping trip. I make one trip per week, so if it is a 4 week month, then $400. If it is a 5 week month, then $500.

We are trying to eat healthy, so I have quite a bit of fresh produce in that (I buy what is on sale for the week and plan meals around it). I buy whole organic milk and water it down to 50/50 to stretch the milk further. The kids don't notice any difference between this and 2% milk. I bake many of our goods from scratch which is cheaper and healthier.

I pretty much shop the perimeter of the store and the baking aisle. So I buy very few pre-packaged foods (don't like the HFCS and preservatives & artificial colors/flavors) but this also saves money. Since this is my strategy, there aren't usually many coupons at all that I can use (my area doesn't double coupons either). I do buy store brand/generic much of the time.

I also buy in bulk where it is a good deal and we will really use it all. I find that wasting food is a HUGE budget killer. Only buy what you will really use before it goes bad. If something is getting old in the fridge, use it right then. I just equate throwing food in the garbage with throwing dollar bills in the garbage. And who wants to do that?
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I don't know how many are in your family. We are a family of 5 and I cook alot from scratch, shop with coupons, buy the loss leaders, serve less on the plates, and go meatless once or twice a week. The grocery shopping was the hardest for me but we are getting it down.

Good luck to you!!
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Our budget is between $520-$600 a month, for a family of 6. That includes eating out, which we do 2-3 times a month. I stockpile as much as I can by using coupons and watching sales, that is why my budget varies. If I find a great sale I like to have a bit of extra money put aside to buy as much as I can.
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I'm in the same boat I can't seem to keep it at $400. I'm trying to get things under control but it is a challenge. Seems like this summer we are having people over more for BBQs and entertaining which adds extra $$$.
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Our budget is 450 a month--I seem to be able to stick to this, but there are many times that it is difficult. I am huge on shopping loss leaders and I never go to the store without a list. I also plan out meals 2 weeks in advance so that I can shop the sales---also on the off week I only need to buy perishables
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Thank goodness I am not the only one having this budgetary issue. We purchase fresh/organic fruits and veges, as well as, organic milk and organic rice milk for my youngest who has a failure to thrive. Although it's difficult to spend so much on foods, we notice a difference in our children when they eat fresh foods vs the prepackaged snacks. They are in much better spirits when they eat the fresh, organic foods, not to mention, my youngest prefers the fresh foods over prepackaged, which tend to cause intestinal issues for him. We have also noticed that since my youngest seems to eat more of the organics and fresh foods he seems to be healthier - catches fewer illnesses than the rest of us. Don't get me wrong, we eat bad foods too! LOL! We spend between $400-$500 per month on groceries, paper products, household items, etc. This does NOT include the special formula my youngest needs. ouch....
BTW, King Soopers/Krogers has better pricing on fresh, organic produce over Whole Foods.
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