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Right now I only have one DS and he loves to go to the post office.
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Wednesday must be post office day.....
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Well today I need to take dd to get a birthday gift and also get stuff together to bring to the PO (Tho I wont be going today)
I can only do soo many things without feeling as tho I am going to pass out

I also need to get a gift for DH for Fathers day I think I will get him a Lab statue for the front yard since his dog had to be put down this past Feb.

oh yea and I want to get some laundry and scrappin done and also need to do a small bit of organizing
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Not a whole lot today. DH had yesterday off due to the weather and he will have today off also. Gonna be a bad paycheck next week. He has only put in 11 1/2 hours so far. I hope he gets to work tomorrow. We have a little house that we call the granny unit and I am trying to make that into my craft room. There isn't any power there but we have extension cords!! I am really sick of sitting on the floor to try and scrap or quilt. I need to use a table or something. Anywho, I think I am going to try and finish up that room so I can have some fun today.
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We want pics, Liz!
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I will send pics just as soon as I get it done. I have to get off my butt first!! lol You know I got over 60 items when I went to J's the other day!! I need to go get one of those little carts that has drawers in them so I can organize a little.
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Well, today we made cookies, cooling on the baking rack right now.. Wanted to make a few other kinds, but HAVE NO MORE VANILLA.. UH
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grrrrr ~ today is not going as planned (ummm - what's new ? ). Vacuumed this morning, did go to mom's club, now home for lunch and then going new mom's house this afternoon. I really like this mom tons, but do feel obligated today to go so having mixed feelings about it.

I REALLY WANT TO SCRAP! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (insert screaming pulling out hair smiley here)
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Oh Kelli, you can convince the new mom to scrap....
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So I think I'm done cleaning that room up. I just need to get a chair in there and some light. I will take pics tomorrow when I have decent light.
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