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I think I pulled a muscle...any suggestions??

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Ummm...OUCH. I think I pulled a muscle in my left side. It hurts to take a deep breath and it hurts to move a certain way. I've tried like a mad woman to get my house cleaned up and in order today and I did succeed some...but I could've gotten so much more done if my side were not hurting. I don't remember pulling it and it wasn't hurting when I woke up this morning...and I don't even remember at what point it started hurting. I just know it hurts to breathe really deep and REALLY jerks me back up when I try to bend a certain way or something. I babysit my two nieces and my nephew on Mon. but my nephew wasn't here today (he's sick and his Mom has pneumonia)...and my nieces left at around 2:45 because one of them had a doctor's appointment. While I was cleaning, I started freezing...just got cold and couldn't get warm, but I didn't have a fever that I could tell. So when they left I took a hot shower and decided to lay down for an afternoon nap with my toddler. We fell asleep and I slept until around 5:15 (the kids had a 4-H meeting and didn't get home until then and she's STILL asleep). It's HIGHLY unusual for me to take a nap during the day like that...nothing else hurts...I feel fine other than my side and I finally got warm. Dh is totally freaked because he thinks I'm coming down with something. I think I'm still just overtired from the weekend with a pulled muscle in my side. Any suggestions for what I think is a pulled muscle?
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Are you sure it's not a kidney infection or something of the sort. I'm thinking that because of the chills part. I would take some Advil, use a heating pad and call your dr. in the morning, just in case it's not a muscle.

I hope you feel better soon....(hugs) oh, drink lots of fluids too, tea is good, it's an antioxident.
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If it's not better in the morning I'd call the Dr. To me it sounds like it could be pleurisy. I had this a couple of years ago and I thought I pulled something and it hurt to breathe in. I hope you feel better soon! Stop cleaning though, that can all wait! Take some Advil and rest rest rest!
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I agree, go see the Dr., if you don't feel better by tomorrow. Get some rest, and take some OTC medicine. Sending positive thoughts & prayers for you to get well soon.
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which side is it... could it be your appendix? Usually pulled muscles don't cause "feverlike" states.... please talk to someone soon! You're in our prayers!!
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Sounds like it could be Pleurisy, like someone else said. You could of tore a muscle off your rib cage (been there, done that) You could of overused a muscle. Have you tried resting (I know it's hard with kids!!!) How about ice? I hopw you feel better soon!!!!!
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Well, crap, Martha! I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through that pain!!!!! I don't know what to tell you other than if it doesn't seem to be improving in a day or two, that I would see a dr. Do you have any ibuprofen? That may help. Hugs!!!
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I wondered about pleurisy...what are the symptoms? Guess I'll look that up on the net. It happens often...that's the only reason I wouldn't think it was a muscle. It's up high on the left side...more pain in the back than the front...almost even with my breast if you draw a line from where it hurts around to the front...sort of like where the band of my bra would go.
As for the fever symptoms...I didn't have a fever, just was cold. I think I might have gotten too hot cleaning and then cooled off too fast...and I KNOW I didn't get enough rest over the weekend...I think that could have been part of it.
I did rest this afternoon...took a long nap...and have just moved slowly since. I won't be doing much else before bedtime, either.
Thanks for the prayers!
We're just a decrepid bunch of Mommies who need a vacation, aren't we?? Jeannette fell, my side, someone sprained an ankle....and lots of other health problems I've read about lately...I'm sure a cruise to the Bahamas would cure it all...right!?
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The list of symptoms mentioned in various sources for Pleurisy includes:

* Chest pain
* Mild chest pain
* Severe chest pain
* Chest pain on movement
* Chest pain on breathing
* Chest pain on coughing
* Shallow breathing - often because pain results from deeper breathing
* Rapid breathing
* Referred shoulder-tip pain
* Referred abdominal pain
* Chest pain relieved when pleural effusion occurs

More symptoms of Pleurisy: In addition to the above information, to get a full picture of the possible symptoms of this condition and its related conditions, it may be necessary to examine symptoms that may be caused by complications of Pleurisy, underlying causes of Pleurisy, associated conditions for Pleurisy, risk factors for Pleurisy, or other related conditions.

UMMMM... hope this helps, but it was greek to me:P
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What Are the Symptoms of Pleurisy?

* Severe, fleeting, sharp, pain in your chest, often on one side only, when breathing deeply, coughing, moving, sneezing or even talking.
* Severe chest pain that goes away when you hold your breath.
* When pleurisy occurs in certain locations of the lungs, the pain can be felt in other parts of the body such as the neck, shoulder or abdomen.
* Rapid, shallow breathing in response to the pain.

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