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Has anyone ever considered ...

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...moving away from all your relatives? I'm talking your relatives as well as your inlaws?

I swear, I've been thinking it recently. Not that I would do that with my mother. But the rest ... I think they have all come together to see if they could make me have a nervous breakdown. It's like a running contest to see who can push me over the edge first.
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no only tho cause its only my mom and dad near us and they are never around anyhow (mom is a flight attendant and dad is retired but he still is in the office daily anyhow )
plus they have a house in Florida they go to at least 1 time a month for a few days!!
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my family is a one hour drive laws are 45 minute drive.
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Yes! I think of it nearly EVERY day!!
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Well ... no luck. I mentioned Alaska to my husband today. Too cold and dark for him. He mentioned Texas, Nevada, and I said too hot for me. Then we started discussing how we couldn't live where there are cockroaches, chiggers, or ticks (though there are some ticks here). Maybe if I looked overseas!
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No Way! My mom lives 2 streets over and she babysits whenever we need her. Not to say that she doesn't get on my nerves sometimes Ya know, putting her 2 cents in about what I should be doing with the kids. usually I just roll my eyes Dh family lives about an hour away, so we only see them a few times a month.
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I haven't lived near a relative for more then 15 years!!! I wish my mil would move up here by us though!!! I would love to have her here!
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I get along with all my no, I haven't considered moving away from them as a way to get away.
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There is a reason why dh joined the army . While I wish my mom lived closer so she could babysit I do enjoy not having to deal with my in-laws all the time. I had enough when we were in Oregon in April. Before dh joined the army and we lived in Oregon we were doing something with the inlaws at least once a week. There were days I would find out there was going to be a birthday party at our house, because that was what the rest of the family decided would be convenient for them. Christmas was awful, no less than 6 Christmas events in 2 days to make everyone happy. When we thought we may get orders to Ft. Lewis I actually started having nightmares because we would only be 3 hours away from them.

melsb- what about South Carolina? Charleston is beautiful, it does get warm but the beach is close by. Chattanooga, TN is also very beautiful . LOL those are all the places we've thought of moving to when dh gets out of the army.. just to avoid the inlaws
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No, I don't think it would be a good idea for me to move away from my parents. They're old and things are going to start going out/falling off of them pretty soon, so I feel like I need to be nearby to keep an eye on them.
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