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count me in there too - the only saving grace I had this month was our garage sale last weekend
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No, you're definately not alone. This seems to be the worst month dh and I have had financially. Our property taxes increased and were due, we had several b-days in the family, plus father's day, and I bought 2 baby shower gifts for close friends. The higher gas/food prices are also putting us in a strain, I am praying things get better soon, for all of us.
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Wow! It seems like we're all in the same boat. Our expenses are going up and the income isn't. Plus we're trying to buy our first house so we're trying to be extra careful on how we spend every penny. DH is a full time student too so that's an extra expense. I'm afraid things aren't going to get better any time soon. It seems like every time I turn around prices are going up.
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We were planning on having a very tight money month, with needing to rent a car to see my sisters graduation, but I unexpectedly got a bonus. It's from this past quarter, which ended in April, so I thought we weren't going to get it since it's been so long. It will cover the cost of seeing her, plus a bit more.
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we are having a tight year
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It is for us too (I took our rebate check and hid it away!!! lol). I hope things get better for everyone, soon!
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my friend and i were having the same dissucion the other night. everything is just costing more and were just not getting a break. i was so glad i paid off my credit card, only to have my husbands car repairs on it this month, and also my dog got sick to, so i had to put the vet bill on there too! i'll have to take 300 hundred out of saving to pay for some of it. i was so proud of my little saving account!
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I had hoped to use at least part of the stimulus check for something fun but it looks like it all went to our backyard and then some. This week I am stocking up on a few things - not a lot of $$ but figure I would get some rice before the price goes up even more - got 10 pounds which should last us a long time - although I think we are going to be doing lots more rice and beans in the future. It is tempting to get some flour and beans but I just don't think I would use the big bag from Costco before it went bad so I am not going to do that at this time.

I am now packing DH's lunch - didn't like what he was taking and this way I can kind of plan his lunch based on leftovers.

Not that I would wish this on someone else but I am glad to hear I am not the only one feeling the crunch. At least we can vent together and try and come up with ideas to help us.
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Tight here, too. With gas prices so high, it's hurting, plus food going up. The cost of day camps is a killer (this is the first year we really did it for them, and the first year diva has been old enough), plus I know we're going to have a horrible July utility bill, as it's 111-112 here right now and the A/C is running constantly (I'm praying nothing breaks there.)

Plus, we don't know what is going to happen with DH's job with the buyout of his company. He did the interview w/new top dogs, but in truth, we're unwilling to move to where the company is headquartered. He's got his resume out, but only junk comes back in - people saying they are agencies and recruiters but they are only resume writers and "counselors" that are worthless - been down that road before. And so many companies are scams!

And he's asking what I want for my birthday. I told as much as I'd like something from him, I'd rather keep anything we'd spend in the bank. With school coming up in August, and the back to school costs there....ugh!

I was really hoping to put diva in preschool a couple of half days in the fall...dunno now...was hoping to go see Grandma, as we don't know how much longer she'd know us....doesn't look realistic.

So yeah, it's tight. And summer! The livin' ain't easy!
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I feel ya
Things were already tight with food, gas and basic utilities going up so much, then this morning we find out one of the surf camp students cancelled so we owe them about $900 back since they already paid in full.
Dh takes my wagon in to be smogged, it has always passed with no problem. Well, the state has implemented a new test and my car failed, total surprise. so, we're off to the mechanic to see how much it's going to cost (plus we're almost due for a timing belt) and if it's super expensive, we have to find a new car (the car isn't worth enough to justify a super expensive repair )
Anyway, no more complaining...just got to figure this out, we always find a way
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