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little girls room on a budget

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We are going to be foster parents again I need to do the room over for a little girl on a budget. Not sure of age anywhere from 2 till 6.. Need all the ideas I can get.

Thanks everyone
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I haven't had a little girl for a few years now but you can:

-Do a fresh coat of paint.
-Some stuffed animals.
-Cute throw pillows.
-Look for items on clearence.
-Check out thrift stores, you can always find cute, cheap items and everything is just about washable.
-Create a comfy corner with a chair or oversized pillows for them to sit and read or play.
-Cute theme ideas: ladybugs, butterflies, dragonflies you can stencil, stamp or free hand them on the walls.

Here is a website that looked like it had fun ideas:

Organizing & Decorating Idea For Kid Rooms
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I'm usually able to find really good deals in the Disney outlet online. I did both of their rooms w/Disney princess. I also used my disney rewards.
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Target has some cute quilts and decor for a little girl! Flowers, dancing. butterflies would be fairly neutral for the younger and the little bit older girl
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Definatly hit up your local thirft stores & good will. You can find loads of stuff there that you can repaint, recover, revamp into something adorable! Like a candlestick lamp... paint it a cute color, pick up a cute shade at a store and there you go!
We found a small dresser for DS at the thrift store before he was born. We put a fresh coat of white paint on it and stenciled in blue & green swirls... it's still adorable!
Go with an open mind to redo things, you'll be amazed at what you can find!
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Thanks for all the great ideas.. Cant wait till Friday going to check out some yard sales. Keep the ideas rolling i love them
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THE favorite kid room I ever did was my son's when he was 10.. too old for 'baby' stuff and too young for 'adult'.

We splatter painted his walls,,, *curtains, light fixture and fan. It was an AWESOME room. I simply LOVED the vibe and it 'extended for quite a few years. We used red, orange and blue for his *did our thumbprints on it a couple places as 'signatures' and did his handprints over the door frames *painted his hands and lifted him up*

We then did my friend's little sister's room the same way but with 'girlie'-er colors.

If you did something like that, you could use 'neutral' colors and it would 'reach' for different ages and be 'gender' friendly.

I honestly didn't know how much I was going to love his room.. but can hardly WAIT to be able to do that with my bitty chick.
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Don't forget the simple either. Like hanging a clothes line on the wall at the childs height with cloths pins to be able to display pictures or drawings (They have magnet things for this as well.)
The chalk paint idea is always cool as well.
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Here are some ideas from Kid Rooms

And guess what? This article CREATIVE KIDS' ROOMS is from MS founder, Kim Danger!

other tips:
*check Oops paint section at hardware store
*projecting scenes/shapes on wall and trace/paint (borrow projector from work, school or church)

theme ideas:
*geometric shape (circles) / coordinating colors (brown and pink are a very "in" combination right now)

repurposing items is a great moneysaver. cheap sheets can be sewn into curtains or bedspreads, pillow covers or floor pillows. find thrift store frames and paint them all white (or brown, black, pink, blue, etc). add framed flower pictures (calendars are great), animals, scenery, or coloring book/children's book pages.

And remember, so often less is more. I'd stay with some simple basics, in case you need to modify it once she's settled in.
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Don't forget to check the "oops" area at Home Depot/ Lowes for your paint. I recently got a gallon of Valspar for $5 instead of the normal $27 .
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