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freezing cake

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Can you freeze cake thats already frosted? DH brought me home an italian cream cake for my birthday but I don't want to eat the whole thing in a few days. Too many calories!! How should I go about freezing it? Or would it not taste good defrosted?
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Do you mean cassata cake? It probably won't freeze well, because of the filling...just depends on how picky you will be when it defrosts, if the filling is runny, the cake mushy from absorbing the runny filling etc - will that bother you? Maybe call the bakery and see what they suggest?
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Gosh that sounds yummy.

I've never had good luck freezing cake. Hope someone else gives you a better answer.
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My grandma freezes her homemade one all the time. She cuts the leftover into individual slices, then double wraps them in plastic wrap, then freezes them. Defrost it in the refrigerator for a while before you want to eat it. It also tastes good frozen. The texture does change a little and it won't be good for company because it kind of falls apart a bit. But for yourself it will be fine, IMO.
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I don't know what an Italian Cream Cake is...with regular cakes with cream filling and buttercream or whipped frosting you absolutely can freeze them. You will wrap the cake in parchment or waxed paper - one layer. Then two or three layers of saran wrap and a couple layers of tin foil. If you have a box place it back in the box for an extra layer of protection. I know it sounds like a lot of covering, but you can freeze it this way for at least three months. Some cakes will last a year. Fruit filled cakes will tend to get a bit soggy when defrosting (some think of it as being moist).

You might consider cutting the cake into serving sizes and wrapping individually so you can pull them out as needed. Once you defrost the cake you will not want to refreeze it again.

HTH as a general answer.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I will try them. Italian cream cake is a 2 layered cake. The cake part is I think mostly a white cake with (i think) nutmeg, coconut with a cream cheese frosting. Hubby brought me a delicious one from a bakery in downtown Houston and I don't want to throw it out. I know it's not frugal, but I don't make my own birthday cakes. So for my birthday I got a cake and a cookbook I have been wanting.
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We makes cakes similar to that at the bakery I work at. Yes....just let it freeze a bit (let the icing get hard). Then wrap it well. It will last up to 2 weeks! Someone just asked me that question today about one of our cakes!
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Hubby likes those big chocolate cakes from Costco. I like their apple pies. Hubby doesn't like cooked apples and I can't eat gluten/wheat so if we buy either the cake or the pie, one person would have to eat the whole thing before it goes bad (I don't eat the crust of the pie). That simply isn't possible.

So, I do as above. I slice what is left into serving size pieces. I put those on a cookie sheet. I stick the cookie sheet in the freezer. I let the pieces freeze then I pop them off the cookie sheet, double wrap them and put them back in the freezer. When I want to defrost one, I unwrap it, put it on a plate, gently cover it with plastic wrap and put that in the frig or on the counter to defrost. Sometimes hubby can't wait for a slice of chocolate cake and will microwave it. Freezing the cake before wrapping and unwrapping it before defrosting works particularly well because then the decorative frosting doesn't stick to the plastic wrap and get messed up.
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Yes you can freeze cakes.

When I got married 20 years ago, my MIL told me it was tradition for the new couple to freeze the small top layer of their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary.

So I put the cake in the freezer for a couple hours, pulled it out and wrapped it real good in wax paper first, never saran wrap. THe plastic wrap will hold the moisture against the cake and cause a soggy cake upon defrost. You can Saran or tin foil over the wax paper. I did both. Wax, saran, then tin foil.

I placed it in the freezer in an out of the way not get mashed place and on our 1 year anniversary I pulled it out. Took off the wrapping and placed it on a cake plate to defrost. Only takes about 30 minutes to defrost at room temp. And for dinner that night we shared our cake from the previous year. Neither of us noticed any taste difference in the one yr old cake. And it was not in anyway freezer burnt.

I don't recommend thawing the cake in the wrapping as the moisture that was created by the freezer will absorb into the cake and cause a soggy cake.
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Perhaps a bit of an obvious point, but try to put the cake on a higher temperature in the freezer so that it doesn't crystalize, especially if the filling is prone to it. If you're planning on long term storage then cutting the cake in slices and wrapping them up seems to work for me.
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