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Any frugal landscaping ideas?

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This was supposed to be a summer of landscaping and gardening. But, a recent turn of events has changed that. I'd still like to do a little landscaping here and there, but it's not in the budget to buy things. Besides asking others for plants, does anybody have any frugal landscaping tips/ideas? I already have a couple of gorgeous azalea bushes and a beautiful rose bush.
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I'm in the same boat with not having then funds to do what I would like. I went to Home Depot and I found torn bags of mulch and they sold them to me for 50% of the orginial price. They were messy to haul home (with most of the mulch spilling out onto the pastic) but I was able to spruce up the beds. The only other ideas are doing a plant exchange or artifical plants. Good luck!
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Keep an eye on the "Free" section, and the Farm and Garden section, and post a wanted thing in the Wanted section. I know just recently in the Free section for our area was 150 yards of landscaping river rock, a bunch of free perennials, free manure/compost, free fencing, and free bricks.

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Right now all the garden centers have their plants on clearance!!!
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You can also post on craigs list that you need plants, a lot of people will let you come and get stuff like lamb's ear, hosta and ivy from there garden. I posted a couple of weeks ago, myself because I was too lazy to get out there and thin out my stuff myself

Also if you have a childs wagon that is broke or a wheelbarrow that is no longer good, use these to put in your yard to add whimsy to your garden.

I have even put up an old bike with a basket on it leaning against a tree with flowers in the basket.

Pick up those colorful kids wheelbarrows at yardsales or $$ store and plant cheap flowers in them.

I also pick up one of those pink grocery cart (like kids play with) and stuck a flower pot with daisys in it. Looks really cute.

I have also 2 sets of plastic rake, shovel and hoe (one small set and one big set) in different colors leaning up agaisnt by fence in my flower garden.

You can add more than just flowers and plants and it looks unique and one of a kind!
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We pick up random rocks from our travels (even if it is just down the road to the park or something) and use them as accents in our garden. We don't take rocks people want though, just random ones we find alongside the road or something I also agree with Ruthie, check the free sections of classifieds, or even see if any of your friends need any of their plants divided and if they do, you could offer to do it for them or help them with it in return for a couple of the divided plants.
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Craigslist is a wonderfully thing to find and also post what you are looking for. Some areas of towns have a thing called "Freecycle" you have to check if there is one for you region you can post on there what you are wanting.

Getting cutoffs from people is a big money saver I do this with and for a lot of different people.

If you are looking for edging you can check with farmers and get field stone. I have done this and used them for an area in our backyard. The farmers are always looking to get rid of them.

Do check the nurseries right now they do have clearence items.

Even going to thrift stores and garage sales can net you some good finds for cheap.
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You could ask friends and neighbors if they are needing to thin out their hostas, a friend of ours got us started on hostas this way. Also my husband and I go out to my parents farm and go into the farm fields and pick up field rocks and we have made alot of flower beds out of them and this summer my husband got an old tire rim from a tractor and surrounded it with the rocks and made a really neat fire pit with it and we have been enjoying that so much so far this summer!
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There are a lot of perinnials out there that can be split if you have friends or family that have them. I love Day Lily's and they can be split. Actually they need to be split after awhile or they get to big. Hostas are another one. This is how I have done most of my landscaping because I have been on a very tight budget. There are other flowers that can be split, these are just a few that come to mind. Also if you are afraid to, if you are out and about and see a landscaping company redoing someone's garden alot of times they will dig the plants up and throw them out, you could stop and ask. You can go out in the woods and get wild fern which is really pretty in flower beds. Also Coxcombs (not sure if I spelt that correctly)seed at the end of the year and then the seed falls on the ground and they come up the next year. I wish you would have asked a few weeks ago and I would have sent you some. If you can get your hands on a couple black eyed susans (maybe a friend, etc.) They spread and are really pretty so if someone has them they probably wouldn't mind giving you one or two if their garden is well established, I know I wouldn't mind.
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Check out The Freecycle Network. On my area one there have been many posts for ppl thinning out their plants and that reminds me I have rocks from a stone wall to post! GL.
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