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I was so happy because the suitcases had wheels and pull out handles. When I went to minnesota 2 years ago, I thought I had it good when I found regular suitcases there. Those were a pain to lug around the train stations.
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That is great!!! I never have that much luck--it seems to me I have to get there when they open or I never get anything good---mostly I get clothing for dd and large toys thatwe can only afford from yard sales--
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Way to go

I went sat and the lady use to work for TJ MAX and I rack up too

Here is what I bought

4 dress shirts for dh (union bay)
4 skirts for me (with new tags)
3 sweaters for me (with new tags)
5 dress blouses for me( 4 with new tags)
queen size sheets complete set of ralph lauren (with new tags)
Set of pillow shams (with new tags)

For a total of $80.00
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Those are great deals! I love garage sales! Sometimes you can find the most unexpected things for a GREAT price!
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Great finds!!
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Sounds wonderful!!

Good for you!!
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That's awesome! I just wish we lived closer together so I could have gone with you, lol!
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I found this old thread but since garage sale season is upon us here I thought I would bring it back to share garage sale finds. Now this pic is what I am

most excited about. I got 7 sets, 8 wheels, 2 ink pads all stampin up and three other stamps for $42! The sets were $4 or 5 wheels were .50 and .75 each, plus she threw in for .50 the hanger she used to keep them organized. And this was the second day of her sale. She was retiring from SU and I don't want to think how much I would have spent if I went yesterday! And with all the great deals I found on ds's clothes including a $2 fill a bag with whatever fits deal I scored really big. And this is only the first of many scheduled garage sale days. I might end up cutting out early. Anyone else starting to score big at garage sales?


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Lol have to add that I got 8 sets I found one that fell out of the bag in my kitchen.

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Great find, musicalmommy!   It's so exciting to "score" like that!

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