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organizing children's clothes in a garage sale

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How can I organize my children's clothes that I am going to sell in a garage sale. I have so so many, ranging ages 0-10 years . I have boys and girls. I don't have enough hangers or even a place or time to hang them. Any ideas?
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I just had a sale with girls clothes 0 - 3T so I didn't have as many, but this is what I did. I separated by size and piled on a table with signs in front of each section that had the size on it plus $.50 unless marked. A few times through the day I had to go and restraighted but people didn't seem to mind "digging" through. I only hung the coats (on my clothes line LOL) because I didn't have anywhere to hang things.
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hang up as much as possible by sizes

going through mounds of folded (and it only stays folded for a minute) turns off moms who are with kids or who are in a rush to ge tto other sales.
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I hang up the dress clothes and coats and then organize evertthing else by size on the tables.
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I agree to try to hang your best stuff (even running a line across 2 trees or something). I also used laundry baskets sorted by size and charged just $1 a piece, and this was a really big draw. Also, you might want to help the selling process with things like, "Oh that top came with these really cute jeans or jacket," etc. to get more sold. Good luck!
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I put boxes on the table. With the sex/size on there. For example one box would say: "Boys 2T". They don't stay folded...but with them being in boxes they can stay by size instead of getting all mixed up with the other sizes. Moms usually don't mind digging in a box that is for their age child! HTH

I am a pro at garage sales! LOL I have 2-3 a year! And for the first time this last garage sale, I told everyone that came ALL clothes were .50 each. I sold more clothes than ever before. If you mark them down cheap enough, you sell more and therefore you make more. If your clothes are in real good condition....say adult clothes .50 each and kids clothes $1 each....etc. and you can have one box that are stained etc. and mark it .25 each. (((You have to go find a lot of boxes for my kind of garage sales!! I get them at the local grocery store)))
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I love to go to sales that have them sep by size so I can just buy all of the boys 3T or whatever...
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