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Do crowds make you nervous?

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I always hesitate taking my kids to crowded events (such as July 4th stuff and Memorial Day fireworks and concerts, as well as circuses, etc, etc) because crowds make me uneasy. If I was with dh I would not think twice about it, but because my three year old is a drifter I don't like being solely responsible for both my kids in a crowded area. I have already been confronted with the scenario where a stranger has approached my child and told him he was not a stranger That just freaked me out and solidified for me that I am never doing this alone, ever!

So instead we hang out with friends and do low key and local things versus the big events in crowded areas.

Do you get that way too, when you're alone with the kids?
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I think when it comes to kids you can never be too careful!! That scares the living day lights out of me!!
so I am with ya!
Im not a crowd person to begin with so to bring them alone no way!! and my kids are older as well!!
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I did take the kids last year to the fireworks by myself, but I was nervous about it. As long as we are holding hands I am good to go!
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With or without kids..I don't like crowds. I'd rather spend some time with friends or at home.
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1000's of bodies pressing around you - possibly breathing the last bit of air? Being herded like cattle by crowd control guys who evidently failed out of cop school and are bitter about it? Tripping on trash because you can't see the ground? Hours in traffic after the event is over -- hoping you don't run out of gas because you were running late to the event and you didn't get gas before? Wishing that the drunk guy, about four places back, would stop screaming the "F-word" in front of your children? Keeping a hand on your kids, your purse, your husband, so you don't lose any of them?

Hate them!
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I used to love crowds, but now with my kids NO WAY! Especially when my husband is not there (my kids are 1 and 2). Even my parents neighborhood get togethers with all the people I grew up with I still stress. You know, kids coming home with innappropriate tattoos, missing teeth, and having drunk 20 oz of Mountain Dew while I was chatting for just one second! Aaaah!
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I admit that crowds can frustrate me when they get in my way , but they really don't bother me that much. I've never had a problem with my dd running off without me or getting lost. She's good about holding my hand or keeping up with me.

I'm not sure if it's fear or frustration, but my dh hates crowds. If there's going to be a crowd somewhere at a kids' activity, I take dd and leave dh at home. I do what I can to keep him out of crowds.
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I could never stand crowds. They make me cranky and tense. It would be different if people behaved themselves. I think it's developed into a phobia. I avoid them as much as I possibly can.
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i use to love crowded places..then i got pregnant with ds and i hated them...and now i hate them even more...rarely do we go any place with crowds with the kids and they are 13 and 11.( and my kids hate crowds too).
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I don't like crowds either. But DH likes to be out and about so we end up in crowds a lot I agree, you have really got to watch your kids though.
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