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OMG!!! Crabby teenager!!

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My dd is 14 almost 15 and she is making the whole household cranky!!! What is it with teenage girls?? I asked her why she was so crabby. Her reply was that being in this house makes her crabby! Ugh, she is a super good kid, but she has a pretty easy life! We don't ask much of her. I just asked her to take 5 minutes and help me carry some fence panels since my dh can't right now.

Lord help me!! I hope teenage boys are easier!
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nope Happymom, the boys are crabby too!!!!!!!

We are working our way to 3 teenage boys here and WOW....... one had the nerve (I sure hope that he was joking) to ask if I was planning on paying him.......LOL.........I told him once he started paying for meals, laundry service, chauffeur driving (after 5pm costs extra....LOL), room and board, clothing, etc then we would talk about getting paid for working in your home.

I would allow her some space and give her a chore that no one else is around to listen to her.......I guess that carrying fence panels would not work for this............LOL
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Oh, I so hear you tonight. My dd has been the same way lately...especially tonight. She burst into sobbing tears over her brother sitting in "her" spot on the couch!!! Oh my heavens. It was ridiculous.
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I think they're both crabby but in different least mine are. My dd is more of the pouty, whiny, stomping off, "I'm so mistreated" sort of crabby. My ds is the more angry type of crabby. Personally I can deal with the boy crabby better than the girl crabby. Can't stand that pouty whiny stuff in teenage girls OR adult women. YUCK!
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I would say that I would trade you, but my DD 16 isn't much better lately, I think it's the heat!!! One minute they are singing praises and the next they are snarling like a tiger!
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trust me...teenage boys are crabby too...i have a 13 year old here now who has been most miserable all week long( a bear with a sore butt would be more friendlier then he has been this week!!)...i have 54 days until school starts again!!!! ( and his pre-teen sister is not much better!)
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my ds 14 is the same way, especially with DH. The real boy is still in there somewhere, he appears every once in awhile.
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