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I buy Lands End, after dd#1 went through 3 cheapies in one year. They usually have a big sale around March and buy it for the upcoming year. My tip if you go to a store, shop the back rack and get the pre-monogramed ones. during the sale they are reduced further and the monograms come out VERY EASILY and you can't tell after it is out. Sometimes the monogram is just a soccer ball, so if your child likes soccer that might be okay. My dd got one with initials and a butterfly. I took the intials off and left the butterfly. It looks great.
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we used to but not anymore ds got a jansport last year and wants to use it again along with his lunch box. the younger one is getting a backpack and lunch box from ll bean this year we are going to try to keep the same one for a few years.
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We would if it was ruined as that happens when they are younger because they are harder on backpacks it seems. Now they tend to keep the same one each year unless they find something they really like and get it from Grandma! LOL
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I purchased an LL Bean backpack for dd and hope it lasts a few years.
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DD's backpack is one of the rolling ones from LL Bean that my mom got her for her birthday. One of the wheels doesn't light up anymore, but there is not a scratch on the rest of the bag.

I had a LL Bean back pack that I used thru college (all 7 years), then passed it to my brother and he used it for his last 3 years and it's still in great condition...9 years later!

If you ever have anything wrong with something from LL Bean, no matter how old, they take it back and will give you credit to replace it. They have the best customer service!
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We have Lands End ones too. I buy one that lasts from grade JK-3 and then I buy them one new bigger one to last grade 4 until high-school. I'd rather go with quality and have less than to have to re-buy things.
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I wash mine...and their lunchboxes. I use cold water and woolite (and I throw in a few towels with them) and I never put them in the dryer. They come out looking brand new for me.

Me too. I wash both their Landsend lunch bags and Landsend backpacks once a week on the gentle cycle (front loader) and then just air dry them.
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My kids cary their backpacks two years. On the second year when the new ones go on clearance I buy them a new one on super clearance for the following year. I do buy them a new lunchbox every year and normally they are on super clearance too. I got my DS a lunchbox and a backpack for less than $5 last year.
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No, we order our backpacks and lunchboxes from either Land's End (DS) or LL.Bean (DD's). They last forever! I get them embroidered with their initials and we have never had a problem with them getting lost at school, bus etc.
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No, we have gotten 2 school years out of each of my kids backpacks. This year they both NEED new ones!
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