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What size chest freezer to get?

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If you got to pick a chest freezer to buy, which size would you get? How many are in your family? If you have a small one, do you wish it was bigger? If you have a large one, do you sometimes think you could get by with a smaller one? Do you have lots of empty space? Do things get lost in yours? Is yours completely full? I'm just curious, because we're thinking of getting one, but don't want too much or too little.
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I have a the 5 cubic feet chest freezer. We got that size b/c 1. it was cheaper, 2. we don't have room for a bigger one (I have to keep in a guest bedroom closet). So far there is just me and my hubby. I think it is big enough. We had to put water bottles in it to take up room, so it is more than enough room. But we don't do things like buy 1/2 a cow or hunt deer, you know things that would take up a lot of room.
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I have a very small one, and wish it was larger. I just have no space for anything bigger. It really would depend on each family as I have heard that they work best when they are full.
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We have a small chest freezer in our basement that we use for meat. We purchase 1/2 cow once a year, as well as stockpile chicken and turkey etc when on sale. It is the perfect size for all our meat. We also just recently bought an upright freezer off Craigslist for $25 (what a steal!), and put that in our back hallway (right off the kitchen). We keep extra stockpiled items like veggies, homemade baby food, pizzas, juice etc. These are both in addition to the fridge/freezer in our kitchen. This works perfect because we have plenty of space and we don't have any potential contamination issues as all the meat is separate.
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We just got our first freezer a few weeks ago. It is 5 cubic feet and I think it is awesome. I haven't begun to fill it up. It was about $179 at Sears.
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I would suggest getting an upright freezer if possible. I have a chest and it is great but it is hard to get to things sometimes.
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I too have a chest freezer that we have had for about 6 years - it is great but I would definitely do an upright! It is easier to find things and keep items organized! I've been looking for a used upright for sometime now.
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Well......we have three. Two right now are in food use - one large upright (size of a fridge) and one 7cuft. The 30cuft is right now use for....other stuff.

Right now the 7cuft is full, the upright is about empty - I'm actually thinking about removing the rest of the stuff and putting some in the small chest, and some in the huge one, I'd have to partition it (not a big deal).

When hunting season rolls around, we will need every inch of the upright and a big portion of the big chest freezer. Apparently there is going to be a new deer season early this year, and rather than being able to "max" out at 5 deer each (DH and I), we will be able to get an additional 5 each early. Considering I usually get about 80-100lbs of meat off a deer when I process it - well, that is a whole lotta venison!! We also will have wild turkey, goose, duck, and grouse in there.

We use the small chest for everyday stuff. I do not like using the freezer above the fridge because it's just horrible for food quality for more than a day or so. I use it when I am planning meals ahead- pull them from one freezer and put in the fridge freezer to have handy. I also use it for freezing stuff on trays before putting in bags to go in the big freezers.

If you're not used to having freezer space (that's good!) then a 5 or 7cuft would be best. It has a small area - I have ours in the laundry room - it's smaller than the washing machine. Home Depot and all those stores sell them. If you decide to go the whole stockpiling or buying whole pigs or half cows regularly, then you might want a bigger one, but Craigslist is usually really good for those. Heck, I see small chest freezers there for $50 often.

Also, get a NON frost free freezer. Long term food storage is not good in frost free freezers, due to the food constantly being partially thawed on the outside and refrozen repeatedly. Think how your ice cream looks if you eat some of the carton then leave it for a while in the freezer - gummy at the top, and plain yucky. Doesn't happen in a regular non-frost-free freezer. As for defrosting - if you keep it mostly full, and keep the lid shut most of the time - don't stand there daily bathing in the cool air - then it will take a very long time to build frost. I do find uprights build frost faster though. I've never defrosted my chest freezers unless I'm moving - my little one hasn't been defrosted in 3 years now, and I just looked - it has about 1" of frost on two sides, the other two are clear.

I LOVE big freezers, and I think every household should have one!
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We are a family of 3 so we just have a small one. I couldn't tell you the cubic feet but it's a pretty small one. We bought it at a yard sale for $25 and it's my best yard sale find yet! I love having it, it's the perfect size for us!
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We have a small upright freezer that my parents gave us when we got married. We're going to buy a small chest freezer after our move and use that to store meat and the upright to store frozen fruits and vegies. We run out of freezer space all the time now and I can't wait to have more room.
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