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LuRay Pastel dinnerware

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Does anyone know anything about LuRay Pastel dinnerware? My friend gave me about 100 pieces of it. I have always thought that it would be pretty for easter. I tried to look online for the history of it.. to no avial. I would love it it someone who knew anything about it would fill me in.

Also what is the best way to store something like this? How and what should i use to wash it?

I have never had something this nice before and really want to cherish it.
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Wow! That's some nice friend you've got there! I wish I could have friends like this.

I love LuRay dishes. They're not as well known as Fiestaware, but I think LuRay's pastel colors are so pretty. Do you have any gray pieces? Those are the hardest to find and the most sought-after of the bunch.

Since LuRay dishes are so old, I doubt they are microwave and dishwasher safe (since those things weren't around in the 1940's ). If you ever use them, you need to hand wash them. You should probably pick a gentle detergent to wash them in (like Ivory -- do they still make that?)

I'm not sure about storing them away. Most people I know who have nice dishes put them in a glass-fronted china cabinet to show off their lovely colors.

Enjoy your beautiful dishes.
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I have one grey plate. some of the pieces are odd shaped.. a huge plater and a four part condiment tray and a piece with a pour spout bowl attached to a plate.. where i will put that i do not know, there are over 120 pieces. I know this sounds dumb,,, but can you use them. or is it more for show.. do you know any of the history on it..
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or a link to a site with information.
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Here's a little history about LuRay:

LuRay Pastels

Here are some pictures on how a woman displayed her LuRay:

Bella Rosa Antiques: LuRay Pastels ~ Lovely Display Dishes

I had another link yesterday that I can't find now, but it showed a table decorated with LuRay. This woman owned LuRay dishes and rented them out for special occassions, so I believe they're safe to eat off of.
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thank you. Very fun to know a little about it.
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Hi Sarah,
Are you interested in selling any of the pastel cups ?
I am acquiring these for children's birthday party's and
tea parties in my bake shop.

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I agree with the lady that said you have a good friend and have received a wonderful gift. I would suggest you purchase the collectors guide to familiarize yourself with all the pieces their names and the colors. The one I own is called ...A Collector's Guide to Luray Pastels and is written by Kathy and Bill Meehan. This guide has pictures of all the pieces however the price list is not current as this guide was written in the 1990's. There is nothing out there more current. I would also suggest you get on Ebay and look at what the dishes are selling for. These dishes are perfectly safe to eat off of. I am a long time collector and have a very large collection that is my everyday ware. Initially I hand washed them but over time I got in a hurry and now all of them go into the dishwasher and the microwave and have done wonderfully. Just know that this does put wear on them and I gave purchased replacement pieces over time but I have had my everyday dishes for 28 years and the replacements have been few.i am always looking to add to my collection so if you want to sell anything let me know. The bowl on a plate is a gravy boat. You really need to get the guide and educate yourself and besides it is great fun.
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I inherited a set from my mother in four colors, pink, blue, yellow and green. If I remember correctly, there are 12 place settings as well as platters, bowls, gravy boat and salt and pepper shakers. While I think they are fun to use, I would like to find someplace in the Chicago area that would be interested in purchasing the set, because I'm moving out of state and downsizing. I won't have room for the set and don't want to move it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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