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Do you cut your own grass?

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Do you cut your own grass?

As I sit here typing this I can hear the lawn service guys doing their thing to the neighbors lawn.

This got me thinking about how many people use this service.I don't,never have and never will.....and truth be told...their are 3 mens crawling all over their lawn w/weedeaters and riding tractors and it ends up looking not,
honestly, all that great.

That brings me to question #2.....with gas prices do you find yourself cutting it less often???
We do the whole 9 yards on our lawn.....but I do tend to do it every week and a half-2 weeks now instead of religously every week.
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Well, I don't. But, dh always does! Luckily, while dh has been laid up, it has not rained and the grass has not grown much, because I hate doing it. We have never paid anyone to do it for us though.
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I would never pay anyone to mow our lawn. DH always does it and I do the edging. It works out good for us. When he is gone alot, yes the yard does get a little tall, but I have never lost the kids in it yet. Heck if the two of us work on it together, we can get it done in about an hour and it looks nice.
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We do our own, and have an electric mower so no dealing with gas!
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Dh mows our lawn. If I didn't have him, I probably would hire someone. I'm sure I could pay my neighbor kid to do it.
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We have a tiny yard so dh can handle it. I see me paying my teenage cousins to do it when we have a big yard!
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I do when my lawnmower works :D That same one DH got for free. Every time I fix it, something else breaks. The last one the tierod broke, so the front tires went different directions all of a sudden. I fixed that today, and then the starter broke. Still haven't really paid much for parts, just other than it driving me CRAZY!
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Dh does our lawn I have never used a lawm mower before I have always been scared of those things
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Dh does it. When he is away my cousin does it for me.
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No. I pay someone. We have a homeless man that does it for $10 and lunch. I would feed him lunch anyway (and have many times)....
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