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Help~Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters

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What do you make with these? I have like 2lbs and I will be getting another 5lbs next month from Angel Food ministires. Please help me with some recipe ideas. I can't let them go to waste.
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I would throw them in the crock with:
-bbq sauce
-chicken seasoning, onion, bell pepper
-ranch seasoning

Those are the first things that come to mind. You can also boil and make soup or chicken and dumplings.
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One thing about chicken,any part,you can always just boil n shred.

They also grill well(just toss in italian dressing let sit an hour or so
then you can partially bake them and finish on the grill or even just hit them w/the broiler to brown also)

You can also do them like your standard chicken wings.(only w/more meat)
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You can also cook them and take the meat and chop or shred and make chicken salad.

Also cook them and use the meat for chicken pot-pies.
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We had these for dinner last night, my family loves them. I cook them in the oven, get it really hot. Put the chicken on a baking tray w/plenty of salt and pepper and cook until the outside is real crispy and golden. Yum! We had them with potato wedges, plain rice and a side of honey/mustard sauce. You can eat them as they are, with whatever sides you like, or let them go cold and use in salads or sandwiches, or shredded in soups or tacos. They are also great in the crock pot if you have one. Simply put in with a can of cream soup, ranch dressing powder, bbq sauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa and beans, the possibilities are endless. Then serve with anything that fits the theme (salsa and beans, serve with mexican rice and tortilla chips n dip, pasta with the spaghetti sauce, mashed potatoes with bbq sauce etc etc)
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Thaw and rinse, then dunk in milk and roll in crushed corn flakes, bake at 350 for about 2 hours... crispy yummy chicken

I also get angel food and love it...
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I would use them for any type of casserole. Or something like pot pie or enchiladas. BBQ chicken-do up some extra, pull it off the bones and shred it. Than I would freeze it for later for BBQ chicken sandwiches.
I have a recipe posted here that calls for chicken parts, lipton onion soup mix, water and oil. Mix it all together and bake, very good. I will find it and bump it for you.
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Wow! Thanks for all the ideas. You guys are all so creative.
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I buy chicken leg quarters. Throw them into pots full of water, seasoning and bay leaves. Not only do I cook the chicken, deskin it and package it for the freezer but I also have my own chicken stock!
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