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Sam's Club Optical

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Has anyone tried Sam's Club optical department? My eye doctor keeps raising her rates and we don't have insurance. If you've gone to Sam's Optical before, did you like them? What is their pricing like? DH and I both wear contacts.
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Sam's has excellent pricing on contacts. I only buy mine there. It is about$14 a box last time I checked. I have also bought glasses there and was pleased. I don't know what they charge for an eye exam though....sorry
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I do not have first-hand experience, but I have heard and read great, positive reviews on their optical prices. If you don't need in-depth things that an ophthalmologist provides, it seems to be a good place. Do some googling, and I think you'll find good things, for the most part.

That said, I will NEVER go to Walmart for eyecare again. Lots of problems, including wrong Rx fill, and mixing up the Rx in my eyeglass lenses.
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