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Has anyone ever been scammed?

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Just wondering, has anyone ever been scammed with those 'at home' marketing things? Or wasted money on those infomercials with those great programs you can do at home in your spare time and make $40K a month?
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I think my SIL tried so many! She processed rebates (not a scam, but it was a lot of work and she ended up making about $2 an hour), invested over $800 into medical transcription, tried to sell the Crayola stuff from their at home division and tried other things. My BIL tried that...PrimeAmerica? where they sell financial planning. Note: Never use a financial planner that has no finances to plan and lives on a shoestring. You want experience in that area! BIL tried silk screening Tshirts.

I remember when I was checking out WAHM deals, employed, but wanting to become SAHM, I met up w/so many scams. Many wanted "as little as $25 down". Well, with a little time, you can google info and complaints on the companies and make your own decisions. Right, $25 is not a lot to risk, but think of how many $25 have come in to them where they send out nothing worthwhile. One criteria I had was nothing outside of the U.S. You'd be surprised how many have fronts in the U.S., but are owned and run elsewhere. What's the big deal? Legalities. If the company's owned outside the U.S., they don't have to obey U.S. laws. If they get caught, they simply close the front and start another. Of course, many American companies do the same.

I questioned one company about the guaranteed return on my $100 investment. I also hedged on the idea of paying to get a job. OMG..after their first couple of attempts to sweet talk me out of $100, you should have seen how nasty they got. You see, they were too busy and big to risk their time, tools and energy training people who wouldn't work out, so they wanted you to give them $100 as an assurance that their investment in you would be worthwhile and that you weren't lazy and not do the work.

Telltale signs, people! Real companies won't make you pay. Legit companies can scam, too, of course...BeautiControl had great products, but they didn't shelve well. I had all kinds of packaging issues and they weren't responsive to my questions (especially about the safety of their weight loss products). BeautiControl sells skin care and makeup-they still have great products. But their rewards were cheap jewelry that would oxidize in a matter of months. I spent way more than I sold, due to their ordering minimums. The worst thing about them was their unresponsiveness to questions and problems.

I love having the web at my fingers; talking to an Australian at 3AM about a problem with a pan I have, and talking with a German at 3pm about a singer I really like. It's such a great research tool...we just have to use it.
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By the way, a guarantee is only as good as the company backing it.
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no, i am super cautious. I google everything i come across and don't do anything with it till i have fully researched it.
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