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Pros and cons of Koolaid

Poll Results: Does your family drink Koolaid

  • 45% (29)
  • 54% (35)
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Does anyone like it? Does anyone use it?

My husband and I are debating - he loves it and was raised on it. My mother rarely bought it and I don't really care for it. Waste of money to me.
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I was raised on it, but I can't drink it now! Too sweet. My kids drink tons of it and they are healthy as can be!
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I agree, its just too sugary for me and my kids already get plenty of sugar. I don't need to add more in thier drink. LOL I normally buy the Walmart knock off of Crystal light and they don't know the diffrence.
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We buy it my youngest and the day care kids love it. You dont have to add the recomended amount of sugar to still enjoy it. I stock up when on sale for 20/2.00 or I grab it at Aldis.
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I have it in the house primarily for dh to have for lunches - I"d rather have him drink that than soda! My kids drink it but not a lot.
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We drink a lot of juice, but not Kool Aid. IMO it's empty calories.

BTW: Kool Aid was invented just 30 miles from me, lol.
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I don't think I've ever made kool aid for my kids. I have made instant lemonade, but not koolaid.
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I grew up with Kool-aid and we drink it in our house........rather that than pop
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It's pretty much like drinking colored water with a whole lot of sugar. No nutritional value. We have always drank 100% juice, even when growing up, so I am use to not having it.
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I've never made it. I do use the Country Time instant lemonade though.
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