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SAHM Daily Schedule

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Calling all SAHM: What is your daily schedule like. It seems like when I fly by the seat of my pants I either get the house in great order with little interaction with the kids or I spend all my time playing & get nothing done around the house. I need to figure out a schedule that allows me to keep my house up & still provide stimulation & fun time with my girls. What works for you?
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I see you have more than one child. I only have a 2 year old, but I do babysit two days a week (she's currently 1) and I keep the same schedule when she is at my house.
7/7:30: wake up, pbs shows, breakfast, make beds, get dressed, put laundry in
9: TV off, cleaning chore (like dusting, change sheets, etc), vacuum daily
9:30: morning snack
Approx 10-12: on most days an activity like library, kindergym, park, playdate or playgroup. if no activity, then we play inside or in the yard. sometimes we run to the store in the morning.
12: lunch
12:30-3: read stories, nap/quiet time. during quiet time I do more cleaning chores like mopping. wipe down bathroom, clean kitchen, switch laundry, start crock pot if needed
3: ds likes to watch a show like Little Bear when he wakes up, afternoon snack (sometimes we have playgroup or a playdate after nap)
3:30-5:30: play, start dinner, fold and put away laundry
5:30/6: dinner (always for ds, dh and I sometimes eat later depending on work schedule)
7/7:30: bath, clean up after dinner
8: stories and bedtime
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Well, our summer has been very hectic and all plans have gone awry, but I'll post our typical routine that we follow when school is in session for our 7 yr old...

6:45AMish - I get up, dressed and do my hair, brush my teeth, etc.

I start a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher and put DD's lunch with her backpack.

7ish - wake DD7 and she gets herself dressed and teeth brushed while I wake DD22mths and get her dressed and teeth brushed.

Then I do the girls' hair.
Then we have breakfast.

7:30ish -we head out the door for school (for DD7).

8:10ish-toddler and I return home and she plays/helps while I hang laundry on the line, unload the dishwasher (if I didn't have time earlier), wash stray dishes, and start supper in the crockpot, or cut veggies for supper. Sometimes cooking/baking ahead (we make waffles, pancakes, etc. ahead and freeze them for breakfasts).

8:30-9:30ish- toddler TV time while I finish in the kitchen, clean the bathrooms and straighten the living room and computer room, vaccuum if needed. I also work on bedrooms if they are particularly messy, but we usually stay on top of them during school, I'm not sure why we can't stay on top of them in the summer. LOL

10AMish we have a snack (yogurt, cheerios, or string cheese)

10-11:30ish -Outside play, inside play, games...whatever sounds fun.

On Wednesdays we have playgroup from 9:30-11.

11:30ish - lunch

12 -12:30ish - quiet play (puzzles, coloring, games, stories)

12:30-2:30ish - naptime for DD, I usually sweep (and mop if needed), bring in the clothes from the line and put them away, and then I read or get on the computer. I also finish any supper prep that I can do ahead of time.

2:30ish - we head out the door to pick up DD7 from school.

3:30ish - we arrive back home and have a snack,

DD7 does any homework and I go through her school folder.

Toddler is busy with snack while I go over school work with DD7.

We repack her backpack and put it next to the door as soon as we are done. I'm not sure how much homework she'll have this year, it was minimal last year in K.

The girls are often happy to see each other so they go off and play, usually outside if it's nice.

I wash DD's lunch box and pack her lunch for the next day and put it in the fridge.

4:30 - I start supper unless it's in the crockpot, then I do outside chores.

5ish - Papa gets home and plays with the girls while doing farm chores. We usually play outside until supper. I try to get my chores done at this time so I don't have to worry about it after supper.

5:30/6ish - supper

Thursdays DD7 has dance from 6-7:30PM

Playtime - usually outside unless the weather is bad

Kitchen clean-up for me.

7PM - bathtime for the girls.

Indoor quiet play. Wind down time. Occasionally TV or movie.

Showertime for me.


8PM - bedtime for the girls.

** sorry that got so long.

My goal is to get the bulk of my housework done before 10AM, with the exception of sweeping/mopping (done during nap) and folding and putting away clothes (also done during nap).

Our evenings often seem short, so I try to get all of my housework done during the day, including as much supper prep as possible, so I can visit with DD and DH when they get home.

I do occasionally run errands during the week, but because of high gas prices, I hope to do them on the weekends when we are out and about visiting relatives anyway.
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Wow. I think I need to re-evaluate my schedule.

8-8:30 DH leaves for work and DD comes in and wakes me up.
8:30-9 is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in moms room while I open my eyes. in my bed!
9-9:30ish we decide on breakfast together. Make it, pour it, stir it, and eat we each sit next to each other on the barstools like we are sisters lol.
9:30-usually getting ready to go to a playdate...most are at 10 am. if not I get myself and DD bathed etc. Then I am checking my email for my business and DD is coloring and going potty 100 times!
10-Playdate or we are still coloring and playing outside on the patio with our bulldoggie!!
11-Lunch. phone calls to clients for me.
11:30 straightening up from the morning. DD usually requests her disney princess movies. pop one of those in. I do laundry, clean or scrub the kitchen depending on lunch.....clean the bathroom counters...everyday? i dont know why im compulsive about it.
1:00 pregnant momma is wiped. so we normally lay down together, tickle time, read stories, love on each other....most of the time we both sleep
3:00 start planning out dinner. if I need to head to the store we do so now. unless my DH threw something in the crock pot which he loves to do i'd say once a week.
4:00 DD will help sometimes. she unloads the dishwasher silverware for me and I start throwing things together for suppa! She takes care of her doggie about now...plays, feeds, chases in the yard.
5:00 while singing along to Noggin we usually pick up all the books and babies and it's time to clean up for daddy. She LOVES to clean. I vaccuum, windex coffee tables (glass) then we relax together. Usually hit the garage to find a bike or car or something we can get our energy out on depending on whats on the stove....sometimes we make a dessert..usually cake so she can help...and she loves to bake!
6:00 relax til dad walks in the door (then they wrestle)
6:30 family dinner time. catch up talks. lovins. DD is a seriously lovey girl!

Our days are a tad lazy and without lots of driving because im almost 9 months pregnant and gas was $$$$. We did go to our pool 3 times a week. She is learning to swim...and we go to her NANA's alot...about 25 miles away but I just am not feeling up to much ....
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This is the best daily schedule example that I have found and I looked all over the web for ideas.

Daily Schedule

We just modified it a little bit but it helped so much to have an idea.
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